Tim discovers a cure for sleep apnea and high blood pressure

Tim cures his sleep apnea, reduces his blood pressure and feels like he’s in his 20’s again with the Bodies By Design Training Program.

When my weight started creeping up and initially, I was not bothered by it. I chalked it up to aging until I began having difficulties doing the activities that I loved.

I have always been a very active individual. I used to play football, squash, and sail. I did a lot of camping, canoeing, fishing and I would ski every winter. I am a seasons kind of person and enjoy spending time outdoors.

My travel schedule for work was heavy, and I struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road. I wasn’t eating properly, my activity level was reduced, and I was drinking too much.

So, I started a regime of diet and exercise to get “back into shape” even though I had no idea what shape that would be. I was naïve in thinking that if I just lost those extra pounds, I would be healthy again.

I did manage to lose pounds and felt better for a time, but inevitably I always gained those pounds back and then some. I lived this roller coaster life for many years.

I have tried many diets, including meal replacement diets and going to a chain gym. Nothing seemed to get the results I was after. Sure, I lost weight at the beginning, but the programs were not sustainable.

Tim discovers a cure for sleep apnea and high blood pressure

At my heaviest weight, I was 278 lbs! I was having trouble sleeping and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. ( and started using a CPAP machine). My blood pressure was dangerously high. I was struggling with simple things like going up a flight of stairs, and I definitely was not able to enjoy any physical activities.

I found that it was getting harder and harder to keep my weight in check and my doctor was urging me to lose this weight because it was seriously putting a strain on my organs and body in general. At the end of the day, I felt like I was circling the drain.

Fast forward to last September, while at an outdoor wedding I found myself sitting and sweating so much I had to excuse myself. That was when enough was enough…….

I found BBD through a suggestion from a friend. I have been through so many programs that I didn’t think that BBD would be any different, but I was at my breaking point, so I joined.

You know everybody has obstacles, and I certainly had a lot of obstacles. My biggest obstacle was that I love to eat. I didn’t get to be as big as I was because I wasn’t exercising; I got to be as big as I was because I was eating way too much.

Here they provide you guidance on nutrition as well because you know the exercise is only going to do so much for you.

Tim finds cure for sleep apnea and high blood pressure

It wasn’t very long before everything in my life became much better. I have more energy, and I’m much more attentive, so I can get out and do a lot more things. I also have more confidence. I manage people all the time, and I was always a guy hiding in the corner – I’m not that guy anymore.

I cannot emphasize enough what a positive experience BBD has been. With the help of my trainer, Devina, I have dropped down to 207 lbs. My blood pressure is now at levels others would be envious of, and I no longer require a CPAP while sleeping.

BBD is different, and I actually look forward to going to the gym. I don’t feel like a number or a paycheque. I think that these people genuinely want me to succeed.

They have taught me that diet and exercise is a way of life and not something to do just to lose weight. They have taught me “movement” is the key to a well-balanced, mobile life and mobility is the key to a long and healthy life. My goals in life are simply to enjoy everything it has to offer and not be watching from the sidelines. But, to participate.

For the first time, I was back skiing Whistler with my kids in March. I sleep better, and I don’t have to see that machine anymore. My blood pressure’s 117 over 74 and I’m probably in some of the best shape since I was perhaps 20 years old.


If I could share some wisdom about my journey; It’s about the battle in your brain more than anything else. I think once you win that battle – your body will follow.

Don’t try to boil the ocean, instead try to accomplish the smaller things.

You can’t do everything all at once, but if you find one thing you can change every week, then we can move on to something else. But don’t try to do everything all at once because then you’re just going to set yourself up for failure.

I also learned that being overweight is not something you can’t fix…it is something that you need to manage…always…Or it will come back! My goal is to drop to under 200lbs, and I wholeheartedly feel that I can and will succeed.

Tim Tappin – Star Profile Challenge Winner

Tim finds cure for sleep apnea and high blood pressure

"Don't try to boil the ocean, instead try to accomplish the smaller things and change one thing every week"



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