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I am an enthusiastic starter and try to do all things necessary to make any attempt successful. However, after starting, I find myself wanting and the journey getting stretched to no end, which makes it harder to stay focused and positive.This is something that I have struggled with, and thinking that I’d be starting a new chapter in my life while turning 50, I wanted to set this right and begin this journey being the best. I’ve always worked out but never enough to notice any visible definition or muscle group on my body, it was just enough to make me think to myself “I’ve worked out, so I’m good.” My mind was just giving me that “feel good” thought.  And at the end, again, not seeing the results I wanted, I would just accept the fact that it was not going to happen But with heart disease and diabetes running in my family history, I wanted to ensure that I can be free of this horrible disease through exercise, staying fit and eating healthy. I also wanted to feel strong as well, and I had a time frame in mind to get there.

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Approaching my 50s, I knew I needed to do this, and fast. I had 11 months before the big 5-0,  but I wanted it way sooner. So I was determined to get past the fear of letting myself down again, and I instead gave myself three months. When I first started at Bodies by Design in September 2014, I knew this would be the place for me to reach my fitness goals and stay motivated with my struggle of keeping focused and positive. On my first day I weighed in at 133 pounds, and it wasn’t muscle! I thought to myself, “How can I have let myself go this far and not notice it?” I’ve always been this petite 5’3″ person, and to most who know me, they look at me as just that. But I wanted more.


I didn’t want to be just a skinny petite person — I wanted to feel strong and feel great in my own skin. I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and feel comfortable with myself.

My goal was to lose the unwanted fat around my mid-section and have well-defined abs. I knew this was going to be a tough journey and would be something I would have to put 110% dedication into if I really wanted to get there.

On my first dayvonne quest to get rid of her tummy fat with alex bodies by design personal trainer woodbridge ontarioy, working out with my trainer Alex, I knew immediately that this was going to work and this was going to be the answer to hitting my goal. I knew it was going to be an extremely hard climb, but as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” This was going to be the promise of a reward with the price of hard and painful work. My first workout session was a grueling one. Alex’s exercises gave him a feel of what my body was capable of doing and how far I could go with it. He motivated and encouraged me throughout the session, even at times I couldn’t do some of the exercises and when I was using my age as an excuse. He repeatedly reminded me that it wasn’t about my age, but how determined I was to reach my goal. This gave me the push to prove.


As I walked to BBD’s changeroom each session, my eyes would automatically be drawn to the posters on the “wall of success,” which showcased past Client Star Profiles. They were all beautiful people who had reached their fitness goals. This gave me even more motivation. To see that BBD had changed so many lives, I wondered if there would be any chance I’d be able to be part of that success wall. I got more information from Alex about becoming a Client Star Profile  and what was involved with the Guaranteed Results and Improvement Program (GRIP). I had my three-month time-frame in my mind, and then I immediately changed my diet by eliminating certain foods Alex had recommended to me. I also started logging my food intake each day, which was probably one of the biggest challenges for me because I was addicted to desserts. As days turned into weeks, my body became adjusted to a sugar-free diet.


For the first time in a long time I was able to look in the mirror and like the way I look. And then it happened!

I worked out with Alex three times a week and did two cardio days on my own. At times it was tough and I felt like slowing down, but I began to see definition in places I thought I never would, which gave me the drive to work harder. Fitness became a healthy addiction to me. In such a short time, I lost that unwanted extra weight and I felt stronger and good about myself.


I officially became a Client Star Profile, which meant I was going to be on the success wall. After all the sweat and pain, I reached the goal I thought I would never be able to. It was an amazing experience walking into the gym after achieving my target and having the trainers congratulating me. They really made me feel exactly what the title was during my photo shoot and video shoot; I knew I was the star of the day. That was an experience and one I will never forget. It’ll be one year in September since I started at BBD. They have made achieving my weight loss and fitness goals very simple. I now have the feeling of accomplishing something I thought I never could. I am determined to continue my regimen, and I have continued to keep my diet on track by staying under my daily calorie intake and watching my portion sizes, in addition to eliminating certain foods. I now have become stronger than ever before to not crave dessert after dinner. I also received a clean bill of health from my last annual physical, which I’m certain has a lot to do with my lifestyle change since joining BBD.


Continuing my challenging routines with Alex has helped me stay in check. I have now managed to overcome that fear of not being able to stay focused and positive because of the results I achieved. I also don’t use my age as an excuse and I challenge myself through  any exercise Alex throws at me. Each workout session since the first one has become much more challenging than the last. Alex continues to make it exciting with different exercises I never imagined I could do, such as 95-pound barbell squats on a bosu ball and handstand pushups. I still do three personal training sessions a week and two cardio sessions, and I have more energy than I ever did before.

My time spent at BBD not only improves my physical health but my confidence as well. Becoming a Client Star Profile has been a truly amazing experience for me. BBD and its  trainers would be an asset to anybody who wants to see results.


Yvonne P.

Star Profile Client