Tasha, a Bodies By Design Client, qualifies for a National Bikini Competition after recently placing 4th at the Ontario Bikini Competition!


tasha3A lot has changed since my first special achievement feature. I left off having competed at my first bikini bodybuilding show and being in the process of prepping for my second. 

My second competition was a regional show. I was hoping for a top 5 finish to qualify for Ontario’s (Provincials at the Toronto Pro show) and ended up doing even better and winning my class! I carried on with another off season to make improvements and build more muscle and just recently competed in Provincials and got 4th place which then qualified me for Nationals! Being that it was only a short 5 weeks after provincials I knew I had my work cut out for me if I wanted to go this year, but I decided to so it. So, for the last 4 weeks I have been giving everything I’ve got to get my body to the level of conditioning it needs to be competitive at Nationals. I am currently a week out and feeling a bit drained and looking forward to a cheat meal and a break, but I can honestly say I have given this last 5 weeks the most effort I have given probably anything ever in my life.

Competing is mentally and physically draining but I absolutely love seeing how my body can transform as I get ready for a show, and even the improvements and muscle gain I make in my off season.

tasha2My long term goal is still to achieve my IFBB pro card as a bikini competitor which is the most prestigious organization in the world for bodybuilding. Competing at nationals will be my first shot at a pro card but I know how stiff the competition is so I’m going in with a realistic goal of top 5 which will then qualify me for three other national level shows (all pro card opportunities). One day my ultimate goal is to grace the stage at the very prestigious Olympia competition.

Aside from competing myself, I also have a wonderful group of girls I am now coaching for shows. It is so rewarding to see my clients make changes and achieve their goals as well when they do competitions so aside from competing I have also found my dream job in coaching/prepping other bikini competitors!

My words of wisdom now are continue to push through even of there are bumps in the road. You can always achieve your goals if you are willing to give it all you’ve got (and a little more!). Dream big, work hard, and stay humble.



Bodies By Design Special Achievement Client