After moving to Toronto Michael’s career took off but his lifestyle balance was thrown out of whack until his doctor gave him the wake up call.

Michael achieves Lifestyle Balance and a Clean bill of Health

Michael and his trainer Dan Falconio


I moved to Toronto for career purposes, and by 2011 I was doing very well in my work life. However, my health needed more balance and I had gained a lot of weight, tipping the scales at 215 pounds. My doctor said my cholesterol levels were getting too high, even though there was never a history of this in my family. I realized the success I achieved in my career would be for nothing if I didn’t have balance.

I needed to get my health under better control.

I had always been active in my life and played a lot of sports growing, but I needed help with getting a workout routine that would push me. I was training but it obviously wasn’t working anymore and my workout was probably getting “stale.” When I came to Bodies by Design I started working out with Daniel D., and fitness consultant Sarah helped me clean up my diet. I remember Dan telling me to stick to the diet and he would take care of the rest for me. It was true – the pounds started melting off right away. After 3 months I had dropped to about 170 pounds (we actually had to increase my calorie intake a bit because my metabolism was revving too fast and I was going to lose more weight than I wanted to).

When I went back to the doctor for a check-up I had done a complete 180.

Michael achieves Lifestyle Balance and a Clean bill of Health


She was amazed how quickly I had turned everything around. Today I still work out regularly and am in great shape. I am a healthy 180 pounds – the same as what I weighed in university. I have had some small injuries and Dan F. has helped me through that process, teaching me that working out through injuries properly and with the right guidance actually speeds up the healing process. I have achieved the perfect balance with my career and personal health, so I am much happier since coming to BBD.

If you are going to do this the right way, you have to make it a lifestyle change that suits you. I have career and family, but still make sure I stay physically active. BBD and its trainers can help you with this part of your life, and make it challenging and enjoyable.


Most of your time is probably spent at work, but you owe it to yourself to find some time for personal balance for optimum health and wellness.



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