Mary B’s Life After Star Profile – Battles with Perimenopause Weight Gain  

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Three years ago I set a goal and I achieved it. It’s truly an honour to be part of the “Wall of Fame” at Bodies By Design. After becoming a Star Profile, I honestly thought it would be smooth sailing as I now had control and all the the tools I needed to continue with my success. I also didn’t feel it was necessary to stay connected with a nutritionist, as I thought I knew it all, but I was wrong.

I put on 11 pounds after my Star Profile Challenge.
mary and stef

Mary and Stefania P

Towards the end of 2014 things changed again. I let my guard down and my nasty battle with “Mother Nature” didn’t end as I noticed my weight quickly climbing again. This resulted in me avoiding my weigh-ins at the gym when asked by my trainer, and I always thought of an excuse not to step on the scale.

It’s a privilege to be chosen as a Star Profile, and my stumbles afterward I really felt that I was letting everyone down, especially myself.

I tried to stay away from the scale but because I was so obsessed — I would weigh myself at home every day. I also had my own tape measure and would measure my waist and thighs, which made me feel worse. I was still very committed to a healthy lifestyle and continued training. I don’t give up that easily, and when the odds are against me, I fight harder. It’s like when my trainer says, “Oh, it’s okay if you can’t do it” — it makes me work harder.  Fitness is a part of my life and if I don’t work out, I don’t feel good.

I had easily put on 15 pounds just like that, and  battling perimenopause required me to continue to be very diligent, however, rather than doing it correctly I started having doubts about the foods I was eating and wondering if I was in taking in the right macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). As a result I turned to “Dr. Google,” and based on all the information I read, I changed my daily caloric intake on my calorie-counting app, I stayed away from grains and diary, and I increased my protein. But after all this, it still wasn’t working.

My head was spinning and I felt lost.
paul and mary

Mary and her Husband Paul B

It was time to go back to the basics. I checked in with my nutritionist and after months of monitoring and changing up my meal plans, the weight still wasn’t coming off. I was desperate for quick results I made an appointment to meet with a naturopath, who put me on many different supplements to help with losing weight and managing perimenopause. At this point I was out of control and not paying attention. I took my supplements and a prescription medication that put my health at great risk. My low blood pressure was considered to be at normal, however, with the mixture of supplements and prescription medications, it skyrocketed to an unsafe level.


mary and rosa

Mary with Rosa and Emily!

I only realized it one day I went shopping with my sister over the holidays, as I thought I was getting another migraine, but it was much more serious. My sister became concerned and saw that I didn’t seem myself, so she had me check my blood pressure, and it showed it was very high — 180/100. I made an appointment to see my doctor, and after she checked for nerve damage (thank goodness there wasn’t any), she became very annoyed and slapped my wrist for my behaviour and taking all the information I got from the internet as fact.

My doctor encouraged me to see a registered dietician and continue with my regular exercise.I went to see a dietician in April 2015, and during that first appointment she gave me a quick reality check upon reviewing my food log. She said there is a science behind ensuring that we eat the right food, how we prepare it and when to eat it. She recognized that I was someone who was resourceful and very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She reassured me, and then asked me to give her some of the control and to let her worry about my nutrition — my job was to follow the meal plan she set out for me.

The dietician said she wanted to help me, and used the words “empower,” “engage” and “evolve,” which is what she’s all about. I made the immediate choice to let someone else help me, which was a huge step for me, and I got rid of my measuring tape and tried not to weigh myself every day.

By seeking a dietician, it helped me understand that to maintain a healthy lifestyle,

it’s about making a change to lifelong habits and achieving a healthier weight using non-dieting principles.

I was accountable to continue with my daily food journals, activity targets, and understanding nutrition labels and strategies. As a result, I have lost 21 pounds, dropped 6% body fat, and lost 4 inches off my waist. I am currently 7 pounds lighter than my star profile weight 3 years ago.

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