Life After Bodies by Design’s Star Profile Challenge 

Mark R Golfing

How is life after Bodies by Design’s star profile challenge? 

Life has been great! The base and progress I made in my earlier years has laid the foundation for an active and enjoyable time. I now cycle, play baseball, hockey, ski and golf … all with a lot of energy and impact. The weight plan and strengthening I obtain through my training sessions at Bodies by Design, along with the support from members of the team there, has allowed me to look forward to a lifetime of fun!

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What were your struggles after being a Star Profile?

The biggest struggles as always are dealing with the abundance of food and alcohol at my disposal, and trying to maintain a satisfactory level of weight. During my initial years I developed a very stringent diet and workout routine that I knew at the time was unsustainable.

The key was to find a balance and I did that about three or four years ago, to which I’m now at a weight and commitment level that works for me.

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What are you doing currently to maintain your healthy lifestyle?

As mentioned above, I participate and play on a number of sports teams (baseball and hockey), along with cycle during the summer months and ski during the winter. I have leveled off at three to four workouts per week to ensure that I maintain a good level of strength and power. This helps with all my other commitments.

Star Profile Client

Mark R.