Before at 337 lbs



From 337 lbs to 206 lbs in 8 months!



Before I started going to the gym on a consistent basis, I was particularly lazy, sitting at home, eating a lot, playing lots of video games and watching TV. I felt unhealthy and though I didn’t lack confidence I wasn’t oozing confidence either. I wasn’t genuinely happy with how I looked or felt either, and in result of that I was unable to become the best version of myself.

The reason why I started coming to the gym consistently and made a change to my lifestyle is due to various reasons such as health, appearances, emotions and working towards my career. The major reason being, I didn’t feel healthy.

I had trouble sleeping at nights, waking up constantly, and found my self out of breath after doing minimal activity. On top of not feeling healthy, I was not pleased with how I looked or felt emotionally either. I knew a change had to be made, and the gym and losing weight became my mission.

I knew I couldn’t go on like this health wise or else I’d probably end up with lots of health issues, as I kept getting older. Also as a person who likes to wear specific clothing, at 6 foot 3 inches and 337 pounds it wasn’t exactly easy to find clothes that are in style and fit. Likewise I knew I had to become more fit in order to achieve my next major goal in life, starting my career job. I’m working towards becoming a police officer, and in my former state, the physical test that they require (strength test and beep test) would unquestionably have been an impossible task, but not now. Unhealthy is an understatement when describing myself when I first started 8 months ago.

At 6 foot 3 inches tall and 337 pounds, I was definitely on the wrong path. Its 8 months later now, and I’m weighing in at 206 pounds.  I’ve lost a middle school girl off of my body!

When I first started the gym, I got on the treadmill and elliptical and was unable to complete more than 2 minute duration’s at the easier levels, without breathing profoundly. Today I do 25-30 minutes on the elliptical at a higher resistance and incline level every day before I start my weight lifting, and then I finish my workout with another 10 minutes of cardio(either elliptical or treadmill). On the treadmill I started off at a speed of 3.0 mph and incline level of 3-4 and was exhausted after 3-4 minutes of walking, but today I’m able to run for 10+minutes straight at a speed of 6.5-7.0 mph, which also is good enough to get me past the police beep test requirements.
Bodies by design has always been my “go to” gym, at affordable prices, and with a great atmosphere (friendly trainers, workers and people), it’s a gym where you want to work out and better yourself, and you often find yourself motivated in this environment. I went from hating the gym, to being excited to go to the gym, to continue to improve myself and I think BBD has a lot to do with that.
My next goal is simple, keep working hard and endlessly to add to what I’ve accomplished thus far, and become the best version of myself possible. Lets Get It.