To prepare for the Sporting Life event Diana used a Trainer and Treadmill Training for a 10K

treadmill training for a 10kAs a child I had always enjoyed running, and I maintained the activity into adulthood. After I became pregnant with my first child I continued to run on the treadmill, but as I entered my third trimester running became difficult, which caused me to gain more weight than I had expected.  After giving birth I was run-down, had low energy and exercising became a challenge.  This in turn motivated me to start personal training at Bodies By Design, where the trainers pushed me more than I could have ever pushed myself. At the same time I was broadening my knowledge of training principles, which I used and needed to succeed in completing a challenge – to run the Sporting Life 10-km race, an event that helps children with cancer go to camp.

Many people would see me on the treadmill at BBD and ask if I ran marathons. To their surprise I had never done so. Using the treadmills was really important in helping me reach my 10-km goal. My challenge was not only raising enough money for the needy children, but to improve my personal time. It was a win-in: raising money for an organization by doing something I truly love. It was very fulfilling.

Inspiration came to me as I would run on the treadmill at BBD alongside other members, and further motivation came from seeing 28,000 participants who also accepted this challenge, one of whom was my sister in-law, who has had type 1 diabetes since she was two years old.

Diana C - Bodies By Design

My next goal is to run a half-marathon. Using these fundraiser challenges, as well as continuing to run on the treadmill and outside, will ensure that I not only obtain my future goal to run a half-marathon, but to do it in a reasonable time.I completed the race in just under 60 minutes, which was my expected time, and I barely broke a sweat. The run felt very easy for me, and made me feel as though I could have run another 10 kilometres without any problems – which I attribute to the treadmill training for a 10K I put in at BBD.

If there is a challenge you want to accomplish, don’t let anything stop you.  Train hard, set your mind to it and the reward is a feeling of greatness! 

Diana C.

Bodies By Design Client Special Achievement

treadmill training for a 10k