Bianca Defeats the Spartan Race!

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Bianca never thought she would conquer something as challenging as the Spartan Race but with the help of her trainers she did just that!

It has been a little over a year since I began my journey at Bodies By Design. Never would I have imagined that this achievement could be possible – I finished a Spartan Race!

The event challenges participants with obstacles that include climbing walls, carrying weights, crawling under barbed wire, jumping over flames and trekking up and down more than five kilometeres of mountainous ski hills.

This accomplishment would not have been possible without the hard work put in at Bodies By Design and without the incredible training from Alek and Enrico.

It’s not just about the weight loss anymore for me, it’s about the strength I’ve gained, both mentally and physically, throughout this process. The change in me is phenomenal and I truly believe it has been life altering in the best way possible!

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Live life boldly and richly!

Bianca D. – Special Achievement