Seven years ago, as an aging ‘baby boomer,’ I took responsibility for improving my personal well-being. Restaurant food and a sedentary lifestyle were taking their toll. I was 30 pounds overweight, well along the path to becoming pleasantly plump. With an elevated body mass index and reduced energy level, my self-esteem was plummeting. My wake-up call was being diagnosed with early onset osteoporosis and arthritis. There was a clear need for a positive intervention to slow the natural deterioration of my aging and the phone call I made to Bodies by Design (BBD) fit the bill perfectly. My routine at the gym included twice weekly workouts with a trainer. In the first year I lost 31 pounds. The number is significant, because although I was committed to the gym I was still yo-yo-ing with my weight. Over 5 years I re-gained 15 pounds.  Despite being given excellent guidance on nutrition and physical activity, I had clearly not mindfully processed the information I had been given.  Turning 60, in March of 2007, was a watershed in the way I understood why I was going to the gym. In October, 2006, I developed a personal commitment to healthy eating, weight training, and cardio exercise. I made the plans given to me by BBD my own. My planned objectives included decreased body weight, lower body fat and muscle gain, using BBD’s systematic approach, complemented by self-directed aerobic and weight training at home. My short term goal was to lose 0.6 pounds of fat each week. When I turned 60, I had not only met my target weight of 115, I had surpassed it, weighing in at 114.2 pounds. My biannual bone density tests, relating to my osteoporosis, had also improved significantly due to my weight-bearing routines at the gym. brenda bowd[1]A knee injury, in August of 2007, has forced me to cut back on my aerobic activity, pending the results of a recent MRI evaluation. My weight shot up 5 pounds, despite my continuing with my twice weekly pared- back routine at the gym. The knowledge I have learned at BBD, nonetheless, has given me the skills to deal with this temporary set-back. The weight is, and will, come off!  The assessments and encouragement, at the gym, have been very important to me during this difficult period.  I am going to keep on trekking. I want to thank trainers Everton and Christian, and the warm supportive atmosphere of Bodies by Design, for the support, encouragement, and positive feedback I have received.