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Shirin Q – Membership Spotlight

Before getting married I would routinely spend four to five days a week at the gym. After getting married I continued to go to the gym, but less frequently. After having two kids, I was able to get close to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I was never able to achieve the same physical strength. Having young kids meant very little time for my personal fitness and health and so I slowly gained weight year after year.


shirin 3In 2012, I slipped and fell, which resulted in a fractured sacrum. The pain made it very difficult to do even the most basic of tasks, and even sleeping hurt. I struggled with back pain and severe headaches, and my inability to deal with daily life and responsibilities caused my husband to have to pick up the day-to-day duties. This left little time for him to go to the gym, which caused my husband to gain weight.

In August 2015, my husband was told by our doctor that his cholesterol was high and that if it was not brought under control he would need to be put on medication. This is what made him join Bodies By Design. Under the supervision of his trainer, Kaine, I saw results very quickly in him. However, I was concerned about getting a personal trainer for myself as I was still struggling with lower back pain and was not sure if I could handle being pushed by a trainer.

After having my initial consultation with Kaine I felt comfortable enough to try some sessions. Although visually many would not be able to see the changes, I immediately started to feel my strength build. The sessions involved routines that I had never done before and took my special needs into account. Kaine often gave me diet and health advice that really helped me achieve my pre-pregnancy weight.

Since having started training I can honestly say my quality of life has improved tremendously. The pain has become manageable and the headaches have become fewer and less severe. Also, I have not needed to rely on pain medication to deal with the aches.

Now that I have achieved my initial goals, I hope to continue my transformation so that I can build my new life. –  Shirin