Paul & Mary celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary both feeling and look younger after getting into Top Shape!

Paul & Mary celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary both feeling and look younger after getting into Top Shape!

My wife and I have known each other for half our lives. During that time we have tried to stay as active as possible for our own health and to be good role models for our 11-year-old son. I played ball hockey most of my life, while my wife Mary enjoys cardio and weight training. We are both in our late 40s, and have both struggled with our weight in different ways.

Over the years I continued to play ball hockey in the fall and enjoy golf in the summer. However, I found it challenging to keep up, as I could not recover from a game and my body ached for days afterward. Mary was suffering with a hormonal imbalance, not to mention sleepless nights, mood changes and weight gain from her introduction to perimenopause. Six years ago I was 250 pounds, I had no stamina and could not catch my breath, but over the years I made changes to my diet and brought my weight down to 215 pounds. I continued to play golf in the summer and hockey in the fall, but even then it wasn’t enough as my body couldn’t recover fast enough and I was in so much pain the day after that I was left struggling with normal day-to-day activities.

The day I mentioned the word “quit” to Mary is when it all changed. She tried to convince me to meet with Kris Simpson at Bodies by Design, but I am not the “gym” type of guy and didn’t know what to expect. Did I mention my wife never listens to me? So she went ahead anyway and booked an appointment for me to meet with Kris.

I came to BBD at 215 pounds, while my wife arrived a few years back at 171 pounds. I thought the workouts would be a breeze. After all, I play ball hockey three times a week, how hard could it be? I used to laugh at Mary when she would tell me she could do 30 mountain climbers and 25 pushups. Our trainer, Nat, focussed on building strength and endurance, and these two ingredients not only helped with stamina and recovery, but helped me and Mary lose 25 pounds each in less than 8 months.

This year Mary and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary – the biggest milestone in our lives. We remarried in the same church and renewed our vows with our 11-year-old son playing the role of best man. We partied with 140 people over dinner and dancing. We have so much to be thankful for and it was the best time of our lives! We both feel and look younger and are stronger together!

Paul B.

Client Special Achievement 

The BBD CREW was in attendance for Paul & Mary’s 25th Anniversary! 

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