Mihir – Client Membership Spotlight

For the most of my life, I have been somewhat active. From being on multiple sports teams in high school to soccer, basketball, and dragon boating while at UofT, I have always been into a competitive sport. However, after graduating from the Rotman School of Management and getting back into the workforce, life became very routine between work and home. As a fast-tracked employee, work began to take priority, and I started spending longer hours at work with spare time dedicated to my family. I did not even realize when I slipped from my current self to working 80 hour weeks. Consequently, diet became worse as I was in meetings a lot and then one day I threw my back out which led to many years of chiro and rehab just to do simple everyday tasks.

When I moved to Vaughan in October 2013, I decided that I needed a fresh start to get back in shape. I enrolled with BBD and started coming to the gym once a week with a trainer. My discipline for the first few weeks was great but over a period of a few months went back to being terrible. Outside of that one day, I would not get in except on rare weeks when I came in twice! While I recognized the need for getting fitter, I was still trying to find something that could help convert these occasional periods of motivation into something more sustainable. All that changed almost overnight once I figured out that my wife and I were expecting our first baby. Through all the joy and panic that closely followed, I realized that to be there for my family I needed to look after my health to be stronger and fitter. I wanted to be able to lift my baby, and play with her and to lead by example virtues like discipline and being the best that one can be in whatever they choose to do. With that as my long-term motivation, I began my fitness journey anew from late 2014 with more dedication and purpose

I have changed many trainers through my time here at BBD due to timings not working out or them leaving until I finally started with Nat about 18 months ago. The partnership has been nothing short of fantastic for me. He has been a key factor in helping me remain disciplined and motivated. He is flexible around my work schedule which helps me get in more often, keeps in touch constantly, and we discuss and share new programs and create and achieve short term goals that keep me motivated and shows me that my body is transforming. With his help, I find myself getting stronger, being in the gym more regularly (with or without him), eating cleaner and all in all trying harder to achieve what we have jointly discussed as my end goal from a physique perspective. I cannot get by my week without putting in my time at the gym.

Even with all this work, I feel that my fitness journey is just beginning. As someone who had never set foot seriously in a gym before October 2014 I feel that while I have accomplished a fair bit, there is a lot more that I need to work on. I want to become stronger and fitter. To make sure my body continues to transform I have to make sure I keep training hard and keeping Nat on his toes as he keeps me on mine!

My advice to people who are just starting or not motivated enough is simple. Fitness is personal. You don’t have to go through a life changing event to realize the importance of it. Find something that you actually care about and use that to motivate you. It will help you not just create long-term discipline but also give purpose to your workouts. You don’t have to start big, start by just showing up, and you will see the benefits not just physically but in all areas of life. If I can get disciplined at this, anyone can. As Nat says, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.

Mihir – Client Spotlight