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Marisa Before

It is a journey and by no means a static event.  I have been on the ebb and flow of this ride since having completing my studies. Married and two beautiful children later, I am here sharing my experiences with you at the most integral point in my life.

After turning 40 I experienced many changes in my body that I really did not choose to participate in, but that Mother Nature believed I should be part of. Though I have not battled obesity, yet focused on weight for a large part of life, I never was content with who I was as a woman or what I looked like in the mirror. Commitment I had for anything I participated in just did not stick, until the summer of 2014 when I came to Bodies by Design.

Eager and ready to try personal training, I stood before my trainer, Daniel, and took the first step.

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Marisa after two kids

More than a year later I believe I am at the strongest “me” ever.

This journey has not only has impacted my life, but it has impacted my husband and children as well. Training, and finding Bodies by Design’s bootcamp “CaroLean,” are success factors that have certainly contributed to the longevity of my journey. But to my surprise, not only have I worked on my physical body, but also my mind. Healthy living is so much a part of the recovery of oneself that the benefits are far too many to list.


It begins with simply accepting yourself where you are now, having compassion and understanding for yourself, and rejecting “cultural” beliefs that self-care is self-centered and wrong.

Thank-you to the team of Bodies by Design for helping find “me” again