Matt- Member Spotlight


Before stepping foot into the gym, I was a much different person both physically and mentally. My high school years consisted of little to no physical activity, with a diet that was both inconsistent and unplanned. As a result, I was a skinny person, without any abs, probably due to late night sweets. Most importantly, I did not see myself as a “gym person.”

My parents have always been healthy eaters and worked out often to compliment it. They were also responsible for my current addiction to working out. They had suggested starting to get familiar with weights through my latter years of high school. After ignoring them for so long, I finally gave it a chance. They have always tried to do what is best for me, and this case certainly supports that statement.

We had heard positive reviews of Bodies by Design from family friends, most specifically, the personal training program. In the summer of 2013, I began personal training with Enrico. Although there was a lot of sweat and soreness, I came to realize that the struggle, along with eating better, was able to lead to significant improvements in my body. Friends and family began complimenting my progress, and it gave me the desire to keep going. With a great trainer and atmosphere at bodies by design, I began to look forward to working out and was soon coming in often without a trainer to keep the momentum going. I used to think that training was outside my comfort zone, but throughout the years it slowly has become the center of it.

I currently have a job in sales/customer support in the steel manufacturing industry. Through struggles and mistakes, I had doubts about whether the position was for me. I overcame those doubts when I began understanding the products more and therefore increasing my confidence when making phone calls. The difference now is that when I talk to the customer, I don’t show fear or nervousness because I have overcome it with knowledge and accepting the fact that it is okay to make mistakes. The same can be said for the gym. Before enrolling at Bodies by Design, I did not see the gym as a place where I would thrive. Upon learning about how to use the equipment, understanding how the body reacts to it and meeting great people along the way, I realized I had nothing to fear because I had the tools to reach goals I would have never previously imagined.

My advice to anyone who may not have the motivation to work out is to go outside your comfort zone and give yourself a new challenge. If you push yourself, you will see changes, and those changes will motivate you to keep going. Once you get past that first obstacle, you will then realize how powerful you are. This kind of mindset will not only help you in the gym but outside in your everyday lives. Do not compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday and find where you can improve on that.

Quote: “ I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying” – Michael Jordan