Daniel – Member Spotlight

Since I was young, I was always involved in many sports such as hockey, baseball, swimming, and skateboarding. My eating habits were not always the greatest, but I think it is safe to say that none of ours were when we were in our early teens. So I would say my life before I started working out was pretty much the same as any young teens would be. But I am glad I started weight lifting and exercising properly at the age I did.

My obsession with weightlifting and fitness started when I was 18 years old. I was in college where I was taking a Police Foundations course. Within that course, there was a fitness aspect where they wanted us to weight train, stamina train, and endurance train, not just for ourselves but in preparation for the Police hiring process. I was so intrigued from how my skinny body was changing that I stuck with it ever since.

There are many amazing things to say about this gym. My mother used to train here back when it was used strictly for personal training. She always spoke so highly of it that I had to see for myself. I joined BBD in 2009, while I was in college, and I have enjoyed it ever since. It is very close to home.

All the employees have been very helpful and friendly over the years. I’ve made a ton of amazing friends and workout partners, whether it be clientele or employees, whom I’ve become very close to and would hate to lose as friends. I’ve had amazing results at BBD I cannot see myself ever leaving this gym.

My goals tend to change as the years go by. When I first started training my goal was simply to get bigger and stronger, and for that to happen, there was a lot of pain and time to be sacrificed. I had to learn how each muscle group worked and what the best and most efficient way to make that muscle grow stronger. I also had to learn when and what I should be eating throughout the day and what the best supplement products are to help with growth and recovery. It took years to get this all down packed, but in the end, it was worth all the time, pain and money. My current goal is only to maintain the body that I worked so hard to build.

Do not be afraid to change your life.

Health and fitness are not for everyone, but then again, it can better you physically and mentally. Whether you’re overweight and trying to lose weight or you’re small and trying to build mass, the road towards health and fitness can be walked on by anyone. I was on the path to get from small too big, and I achieved my goals by working hard, giving up my time, making scarifies and eating and eating and eating.

One of my favorite bodybuilders once said “you gotta eat big to get big!” and I stand by that. As long as you work hard and be patient, your goals will be achieved just like mine were!!