Christine L – Member Spotlight


cbeforeFor most of my life I was never a big fitness fan or a health nut either (unless you call having a Flakie, pop and pizza for lunch healthy), but thankfully, despite the lack of effort in the being healthy department, I didn’t have any major weight issues to overcome. Even after gaining about 50 pounds after two of my pregnancies and 35 pounds during the third, I didn’t feel the need to exercise, as my three beautiful little girls kept me busy. Although my weight was something I was conscious of, I always tried to keep it under control. My husband at the time was into working out and had a trainer, and would tell me to work out, but I did not want to.

So finally in my late 30s I started on my journey of starting to eat healthier, hoping that healthy didn’t mean food that tasted like wood and sawdust. Surprisingly, little by little, and by stepping out of my comfort zone, I found many foods that were delicious and good for me. (However, I still have a love for the not-so-healthy things).


chrisnowThen I took the next step and decided to join a gym. I went regularly a few times a week for a couple of years. There was a woman there in her 50s who was very fit and looked amazing. I would say to myself, When I grow up I want to look like her. Later I had a personal trainer coming to the house and by the time I was 45 I was in the best shape of my life. I felt good about myself and I liked feeling strong and healthy.


Not too long afterwards though I went through a drastic life change – a separation and divorce. As a result my fitness kind of fell to the wayside for a couple of years. At first it was OK as those years I had worked out kept things in place, but eventually things started going south (and I don’t mean Florida). So I needed to find a place I could work out that wouldn’t be too costly and that was close to home. That’s when I found Bodies by Design. I thought it was perfect, the price was good, it had weights and machines and that’s all I needed to whip my butt back into a shape other than flat and flabby!



I tried to be consistent and push myself but it was hard sometimes. Then along came CaroLEAN bootcamp and things haven’t been the same since! My body is still saying whaaaaat?! The class is great each and every time. Caroline makes us push ourselves past what we thought was possible. Yes there are times we want to take her out back and beat her, but we know she wants us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. (I guess that’s why we keep coming back, right?) Everyone in the class is amazing, inspiring and motivating which makes me look forward to coming each and every time. Thanks Caroline, you’re the best and we love you!



My goals are to continue on my love of self journey. I will push myself and be the best me I can. My body is the only one I have and as I get older I realize even more so that it is my responsibility to take care of it, appreciate it and challenge it. And in turn it will be good to me and let me live life to the fullest! And being a grandmother of two precious little boys and another on the way, I need to stay strong to keep up with them and be SUPER grandma! Woot woot!


In life there are no guarantees, but there are ups and downs. And it’s not about what we do in the ups that count, for those are the times we glide through the calm breezes that don’t involve much effort. It’s in the downs that we see our strengths as we go through the tidal waves that will toss and turn us and mold us to evolve into who we were created to be. We must be our own cheerleader! I will always try to see the beauty around me, feel the joy inside me and let the love flow through me.

Thanks BBD and CaroLEAN!