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After years of feeling self-conscious and tucking in her “Tummy Fat,” Yvonne decides to commence a 3-month fitness & nutrition program to finally have abs!



tummy fatDuring my teenage years and throughout my early 20s I never thought about my weight because I was thin and always up for any physical challenge that came my way. I felt great in my skin. Once I had my kids, however, my body changed. I developed a bit of extra weight — mostly around my midsection, which was something I never had a problem with before. I knew if I wanted to get back into shape and feel good about myself again, I had to work hard at making some extra time for the gym to get rid of the tummy fat and get back those abs I once had. I joined Bodies By Design in 2000 and was working hard for those results, but unfortunately that same year there were a few obstacles thrown my way and I had to put my fitness goals on the back burner. I was unable to find the extra time to fit this into my busy daily routine, which included working full time, being a mother and caring for my ill parent. So I put it on hold thinking that eventually the extra weight would somehow disappear and I would have nothing to worry about.


Many years had passed and I still had that extra weight, that dreaded tummy fat. I never really gave it much thought until I noticed it became very prominent and everything I tried on seemed to look awful on me. I started to feel very self-conscious about myself for the first time in my life. Wearing a bikini at the beach was out of the question, so I learned that covering up was my only option if I wanted to enjoy the time with my family. Talking with my girlfriends over numerous dinners and indulging in great food, we would share our insecurities with each other. When I spoke about my insecurity about my mid-section, however, I always got the response that I looked fine and didn’t need to worry. I think it may have been because my friends saw me as being thin everywhere else and didn’t notice me tucking in my tummy, and I guess I hid my belly very well. I was getting pretty good at it, but I was exhausted doing this most of the time I was around people. So I thought it was time to do something about it so I could feel comfortable with myself again. I thought I better do it quickly so it would be easier for me before my weight gain got out of control. I knew anything was possible if I really wanted it.

At 49, my children now grown, my life had bec0me much calmer, so the time to begin my journey to reach the goal I longed for was right. The first gym that came to my mind was Bodies By Design. I remembered that in the short time I was there 14 years earlier, I achieved some obvious results, which lead me to feel so much better about myself. I looked up the gym’s number online and took the time to read over the website. I noticed the section about “The GRIP,” and with no hesitation I was sold and booked a free consultation. The trainer that day, Daniel, went over some questions to find out what I was looking for and what goal I wanted to achieve. He made me believe I could do this and all I had to do was keep the willpower to work out regularly.

tummy fatSeptember 2, 2014, marked the day I gained my willpower to start my new journey. I thought, “Okay, I can do this! This is going to be a breeze.” My first question to my permanent trainer, Alex, was what his recommendations were to help me get rid of my problem tummy fat. He was very clear that it was all about being dedicated and not giving up when the tough gets going, which are encouraging words to live by if you want to reach any goal. We had a very intense workout, which only made me want it more. As they say “no pain, no gain,” and I truly believe that. Each workout is always different, and when I think I can’t do anymore, Alex gives me the extra push and encourages me to try.

Bodies By Design’s fitness program works because it incorporates weight training and cardiovascular exercises to strength and tone, as well as burn fat. Alex also recommended I change my diet and start using their Nutrient Coaching program, to keep track of my eating choices. I thought logging my food would be overwhelming, but it’s a straightforward program to keep me in line so that I choose healthier foods. Since the day I started Bodies By Design, it has been nothing but encouraging for me, especially because I have never seen faster results in my body and weight.

Since starting at Bodies by Design in September 2014 I have had many dramatic changes in my life. Reaching my goal weight of 120 pounds in such a short time was something I never believed was possible. Having lost 7 inches off my waistline gave me the confidence I never had before, which allowed me to wear certain clothes I would never have thought of wearing. I have a new awareness of what foods I should be eating and which ones to avoid, as well as knowing the proper portion sizes. Learning to read and understand nutritional labels taught me that it is a key factor to help me maintain the goal I’ve reached. The next step to my future health journey is to maintain my new lifestyle change, from my regular fitness regimen to my healthy eating habits, with the advice given to me from my trainer Alex. Also, keeping in mind the words of wisdom that read “Inspire to Aspire” from my coach Kris Simpson, BBD’s president, so that I can help others believe it’s never too far to reach any goal they really want.

IF you believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities, find your motivation, and be determined, you will find your way to a healthy life.


Yvonne P.

Bodies By Design Client Star Profile


Alex Bodies by design personal trainer- woodbridge ontario


yvonne quest to get rid of her tummy fat with alex bodies by design personal trainer woodbridge ontarioWhen Kris first introduced me to Yvonne, I knew that this is a client that knew what she wanted, knew that she needed help, but also knew that – although there is only about 10 lbs. that she needed to lose, she still had to be very strict, not just with fitness but with her diet.

When she first started training it was amazing! During the first couple of weeks, I was seeing how her nutrition was and then I slowly started adjusting her diet to see what could work and what wouldn’t work for her to lose the last few pounds. Taking on a specific diet plan really helped her.

We went from there and now she’s working out six days a week. She loves it and dedicated 100%.!!


BBD Personal Trainer


When I describe Yvonne’s story to other clients – I sum it up with one phrase; “Born Again”.   What this phrase means to me is that she has found a new inspiration and passion in her life called Health & Fitness.  Just follow her Facebook page and you’ll understand what I mean :-).

kris simpson with client yvonne This new life gets her up in the morning excited about training and cooking and all of the other things that exemplify a healthy lifestyle.  I believe that because she is so immersed in her new lifestyle, that it’s not considered work to her – rather it simply is a way of being, which allows her to fully express herself and be content and fulfilled in her life.  I have also heard this sort of thing called “purpose”.

She may sometimes seem obsessed about fitness, but I can tell the difference between an obsession that is merely a way to an end or a goal, and an obsession which is really just someone who is overly passionate about the new life they have created and wants to share it with others. This kind of “obsession” in my opinion is healthy, contagious and powerful.

This all started with a typical cosmetic change she was looking for ( get rid of her tummy-fat ) but it ended with a transformation from the inside out – which I feel is a true transformation.  I am very proud of Yvonne and the new life she has created for herself.


Inspire to Aspire,

Kristopher Simpson

Fitness Coach