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Third Time’s The Charm – Gianluca’s Weight Loss Journey

DSC_6263Around the age of 10, I would say I became self-conscious of my weight. I would avoid at all costs weighing myself in front of people – a task that was quite difficult given it was a favorite pastime of my siblings. This aversion is something that has perpetuated over the years. Exactly two times, I tried to make a conscious effort to lose weight: once when I was 14 and another when I was 17. Both times I failed, and that failure resonated bone-deep.

These failures happened partly because I was naive enough to simply expect results immediately. I figured that in a few short weeks I would be trimmer, more muscular, etc.

When I didn’t see that I became discouraged and thought “maybe it just isn’t meant to be.” I came up with all kinds of excuses like I was too busy to go to the gym, and school took up all my time, when I get home I just want to relax, and the list goes on. I could think of any number of reasons why I couldn’t, quite simply because I had resolved not to feel that sense of failure ever again.



In September 2015 I began my full-year co-op placement, meaning no school for one whole year. That said my number one excuse got eliminated, just like that. After a month of being on a “normal” schedule, no late nights dedicated to working on assignments, so I had a lot of free time, I realized I had to do something.

By October, I had already put on 10 pounds from sheer inactivity. I was sitting at a desk for 7 hrs just to come home and lay down for another 4-5.


It was at this point I started walking every day during my lunches, which made me feel great and more energized. This is the “first step.”




I began toying with the idea of joining the gym as I had a whole year to make some serious changes. The nagging sense of failure, though, held me back. But I thought to myself; Why not try personal training? I have a steady income now, and it’s better the money go towards improving myself than on junk. But that pang hit me again. I thought; What will people think of a 21-year-old guy getting personal trained?  Almost everyone I had heard of getting trained was middle-aged men and women. So I held back, but I knew deep down I couldn’t do it alone, and yet embarrassment still paralyzed me that I couldn’t do it alone. After nearly two months of turning the idea over and over, I finally decided that either way, someone is always going to judge you, so screw it, I might as well do something that will benefit me in the process.As November came to a close, my “journey” began



I can honestly say that this has been nothing but an amazing experience thus far. My trainer, Devina, has been with me every step of the way, keeping me on track and pushing me harder every single session. Her mixture of compassion and her “no-nonsense” attitude has helped me in making the “gains” and “losses” I have. For the first two months, I did two personal training sessions a week and ran for half-an- hour one other day. The transition to my current routine was slow, as previous experiences had taught me that if results take a time to see, then new habits took longer. So after about a month I added an extra day of running. By mid-January, I decided it was time for me to start working out outside of my two weekly sessions. So after my half-hour run, I would do a quick set of pushups, back extensions, side bends and either an ab workout or leg exercise. I slowly began adding more days and more activities.
Fast forward a bit and currently, I run an hour every day and rotate between many exercises recommended to me by Devina. Food-wise I have taken to monitoring my portions a lot more and substituting a lot more vegetables for carbohydrates.I have always loved to cook so this change has been an easy one. I’m also always on the lookout for new ways of reinventing dishes. I feel this change in my eating habits has played an integral part in this journey.




My long-term goal was to drop a total of 25 pounds. To date, I have lost 30. However, given my current progress, I am thinking about revisiting my long-term goals. I am hoping to instead drop at least another 15 pounds within the next month!

If this journey has taught me anything it’s that people will always pass judgement on you, but at the end of the day, it’s your life to live and you need to live it to its fullest!













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