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When I stepped on my scale I was utterly shocked…I had gained the “Freshman 15”


I was simply eating too much high-calorie foods and not exercising enough. Moving away to school for university did not help my cause either. My meals consisted of pizza, chips, pop and other unhealthy foods, as they were the “quick” option. I decided to attend my school’s gym to get some exercise, yet I didn’t know what to do. I felt out of place and didn’t end up returning.

When I got back from my first year of school I noticed my clothes were fitting tighter and I definitely felt heavier than usual. When I stepped on my scale I was utterly shocked, and it was then that I realized I seriously needed to do something about my weight and make some drastic lifestyle changes.

My parents urged me to get a personal trainer, and at first I was opposed to the idea, but ultimately decided to sign up for training. My parents knew I needed some guidance to help reach my weight loss goal, and they were right.

My first day of Bodies By Design training was unlike any other exercise I had ever done. I was encouraged to push myself to my max potential, which I would not have done without a trainer’s support. I am currently doing three personal training sessions a week at BBD and have achieved great results thus far. I have noticed a great increase in my overall stamina and I am now able to do exercises for substantially longer periods of time. The fitness and weight loss program has a great mix of weight training and cardio training, which always keeps your heart pumping.  As I gained more strength and endurance, my trainer tailored the workout routine to match my progress, which I found very beneficial and motivating.


Each session I pushed myself harder and harder and I am now able to do many exercises that I did not imagine doing before my personal training experience.

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    Nutrient Coaching component was a huge eye-opener for me. It helped me realize that there was no “secret” to weight loss, all I needed to do was cut down on calories from eating and burn more calories from working out. The food logging was an instrumental part of my weight loss thus far and an excellent tool to have access to. I was able to see exactly how many calories I was eating and was able to make smarter, healthier substitutions. I realized my idea of a “normal” portion was too large, and I therefore cut down on my portions and made sure I was not overeating.

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I have noticed a large boost in my energy levels and a significant increase in my overall stamina when participating in sports at my school such as basketball and soccer. I can now also fit into many of my older clothes that I never thought I could wear again. I feel much better overall and have had a positive influence on my family and friends who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I have been getting much more involved with sports and other physical activities at my school compared to last year and will continue to do so in the future. I will keep on training and attend the gym as often as possible whether it is at my school’s gym or here at Bodies by Design. My current goal is to get my body in ideal shape before I go on my vacation to Italy this summer.



“There will be up and downs with your weight loss, stay motivated in reaching your goals and you WILL get there.”

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A change of life usually brings about weight loss or weight gain – depending on how you react to stress. Typically, and in my opinion naturally, weight gain normally occurs. Going away to university is a huge transition for students; not only are they faced with a totally different and more challenging educational experience, they are also faced with independence (some for the first time) and making lifestyle choices for themselves.
Depending on how prepared a student is to take responsibility for creating a balanced lifestyle, will make the difference between a student who comes back home 15 lbs. heavier, or in the case of G.P., coming home 75 lbs. lighter.
kris simpson with personal training clientWhen I met G.P.’s father, he told me that he was very concerned about his son’s weight gain and he had given up on trying to influence him. He’s an avid fitness enthusiast, so of course he wanted to help his son and show him how to manage his weight but it just wasn’t working, in fact it was driving a wedge between them. He came to us with faith that we could influence, educate and motivate his son before he left for university later that summer.
The next conversation that I had with his father was a few weeks after he G.P. got started. He told me that his son was undergoing a complete life-transformation. He was hyper focused on his training and nutrition to the point that he was telling his father how to eat and train! That was one of the coolest conversations I’ve ever had – made me feel like a million bucks!!
G.P. beat the odds and stats of what has been called the “Freshman 15”, whereas most university students gain an average of 15 lbs. during their first year at university. His lifestyle transformation has set the stage for his new life into adulthood…and the show just got started!

Inspire to Aspire, Kristopher Simpson