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Bodies By Design Client Star Profile Mirella Recovers from Running Injuries and completes her fist comeback race!

As a child and teenager, I had always enjoyed exercising and running long distances – not marathons – but running for the sake of running and simply being outdoors. As I became older, the aches and pains in the knees and ankles set in. Then marriage and children came along and before I knew it, I had allowed my passion for running to go by the wayside while I kept busy, immersing myself in the busy life of a wife and mother, all the while neglecting the love of exercising and running that I had so enjoyed in my younger years.


Mirella BeforeSome six years ago I attempted to get back in shape. I tried speed walking, but the knees hurt and the ankles were not co-operating. I missed and craved running, but my body would not allow me to delve back into this activity. I persisted with the walking, convinced that I would never be able to jog or run again. I settled for fast-paced walks whenever the opportunity arose. Although this felt good, it did not provide the invigorating feeling that jogging did. Jogging allowed me to clear my head, to plan and organize my day, and to just think. It was “me” time with exercise all wrapped up in one very gratifying activity. Residing myself to the fact that my running/jogging days were a thing of the past, I continued to walk, but felt that there was something missing.


Then a co-worker introduced me to Bodies by Design and the benefits of working one-on-one with a personal trainer. The trainers, Jason and Alek, talked to me about my past activities and questioned how and why I had stopped. They focused their attention on my weaknesses and challenged me to limits that I thought were unimaginable.Mirella Due to their relentlessness and determination to push me to my limits, and beyond, I now jog five kilometres every morning and 10 kilometres on the weekends! I have participated in my first 5-km race and am currently training for a half-marathon next spring! Thanks to my exceptionally talented and persistent trainers, my knees are no longer sore, my ankles do not bother me and I have built up sufficient endurance and strength to reach limits that I thought were beyond my reach. Having trainers who personalize your program allows for maximum reaping of rewards, and my rewards have been two-fold. Firstly, I now have the energy and the endurance to once again run for pleasure, and I have the ability to run in a race if I so choose. Secondly, getting in shape allowed me to get in touch with me. It has allowed me to make permanent lifestyle changes – changes which helped the body, mind and soul. Wanting to improve one’s life requires time, effort and hard work, all of which require a conscious effort and a commitment. Once you decide to make permanent lifestyle changes, a whole new world of opportunities opens. These doors then allow for the healing, mending and/or simply improving one’s life. We need to take all the good that this life offers us, and to enjoy it means to live our lives to their fullest, with a body, mind and soul that is nourished and loved by the one who knows it best, ourselves.


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Mirella and Bodies By Design Personal Trainer_AlekWhen I met Mirella she was brand new to strength training. She wanted to lose weight and she was eager to get started. Like most new clients, I had to teach her the ropes of weight lifting, circuit training and proper form, and while she sometimes felt intimidated or complained a bit, she always completed the task. I knew right away she was determined and would get results.

Mirella slowly grew stronger and the weight began to come off. She stayed focused, disciplined and committed to her regular workouts. As a result, her self-confidence grew and she found herself being able to perform more reps, more aerobic exercises and more challenging routines. That’s when her appetite grew even more.

She was running again – something she had done in the past but given up on because of her extra weight and sore joints. Our workouts strengthened her body and shaped her muscles so that she could excel at the activity she had once loved so much. She worked hard and she stayed on track, and it paid off.

Mirella runs every day of the year, rain or shine, cold or snow, light or dark. It’s an absolutely incredible feat. Since becoming a Star Profile client Mirella has accomplished a memorable goal: she completed a half-marathon! (And there will be more long-distance runs in her future). Mirella is a joy to train and I’m happy to have helped her along her fitness journey.