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 Perimenopause Natural Treatment with a Fitness and Nutritional Program

Mary B_Bodies By Design Client Star Profile

Mary Before & After

I heard it often said by many women my age but never understood it: perimenopause. What is that? There actually isn’t a precise time for perimenopause because it’s really more of a progression than a series of specific events. Was this just the beginning to a disaster waiting to happen?  My yoga instructor said, “Embrace the change Mary.” Forget that … Mother Nature is in for a fight!

My husband saw me suffering with the hormonal imbalance, not to mention sleepless nights, mood changes and weight gain. I didn’t like the skin I was in, I felt thick, my clothes didn’t fit, I didn’t want to go out, I never had anything to wear.  My husband and I have been together half our lives. He is my best friend and we have weathered many storms, including the challenge of having a baby and the emotional roller coaster ride involved with it and taking so many fertility drugs. Miracles do happen though and after 14 years we were blessed with our gift from heaven, our wonderful son Matteo.

I realized that the weight loss was not happening. I was driving and felt the rolls in my waist and I was uncomfortable with the seatbelt jabbing into my belly. I became the person I never thought I would be. My husband finally said, “Maybe you need to look at what you are eating, change your workouts, find something tailored to you,” and then it happened. Call it fate or destiny, I am a big believer of things happening for reasons.  My colleague heard me speak about how well I eat and exercise but I was not losing any weight.  She told me about Bodies By Design and how unique this place is. My husband was very supportive and told me that we can work around our schedules and make this work. I called Kris Simpson and shared my story, telling him how I intended to beat Mother Nature. It was not a race for me, but a journey.

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Mary’s Progress as of October 2012

On August 6th, 2012 I had my consultation with Kris and there was a connection, an understanding.  I was eager to tell him about my struggle and how I needed a new strategy and having someone in my corner to help me.

Joining BBD gave me a sense of “this was the right place to be.” I was introduced to Nat, my personal trainer.  I didn’t know at first what to expect. Having a trainer is someone who provides encouragement, laughs with you, makes sure you are okay (even when you feel like you are going to puke!), pushes you and takes you to the next level.

Nat knows exactly what workouts are right for me, providing variations that are never boring, which takes experience and passion from a personal trainer. Having a trainer like him is like finding a diamond in the rough – he is one of a kind and I am truly grateful to him for keeping me on track.

The BBD Nutrient Coaching component is one of the best tools a client can receive.  My trainer and I go over what I had to eat before our training session begins. You have to remember you are in the driver’s seat – in the end we have the tools and the support, but it’s up to YOU. I am a big fan of tracking food, but my biggest problem was never eating enough food or the right foods.  I still take the time and treat myself every once in a while with my favourite gelato though.

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Mary beating Mother Nature

Having nutrition tracking online is easy to use and quick. I am happy to report that I am actually eating more than I did before AND losing weight. In 9 months I have lost 24 pounds and my clothes feel great. I don’t feel the rolls on my waist flopping over my jeans or my seatbelt jabbing at me. It’s an awesome feeling! I am confident and happy again and I feel that I have won the battle so far with Mother Nature.

Taking control over my body and learning to love myself again is one of the most rewarding feelings. When I hear compliments from my husband, son, friends and colleagues there is an overwhelming feeling of excitement and accomplishment validating that training hard does really pay off. The greatest feeling of all? Putting on my favourite pair of jeans without the struggle and WOW… needing a new wardrobe because the clothes I have fall off my body. I feel like a brand new person and I feel alive. And for those who know me, well I have more energy than before, if you can believe that is possible!

My progression from perimenopause to menopause will take time and although my fight with Mother Nature may not be over just yet, I

Mary with her Family

Mary with her Family

certainly feel like I am winning the battles that come my way. I made a commitment to myself and my family to continue to be a role model and guide for them.

Personally, I believe the journey truly never ends. Fitness is part of my life like getting up in the morning is and how we naturally breathe. My newfound energy has given me the drive and strength to overcome the physical limitations with my knees and I look forward to continuing to build my strength and endurance with my training, and most importantly, tracking my food calories.


My words of wisdom for anyone who is thinking of starting a health and fitness program is my slogan… “I don’t work out because I hate my body, I work out because I love it!”


Mary B.

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Click to see Nat's story

Click to see Nat’s story

Mary B_Bodies By Design Client Star Profile_Nat Bodies By Design Personal TrainerWhen Mary first started she had little-to-no experience with resistance training but had an extensive background in cardiovascular fitness. Initially, Mary was hesitant to use weights and feared she would “bulk up” due to resistance training. It was my job to reassure her that introducing resistance training into her program would only speed up the process of toning and weight loss. Mary was very determined and utilized her lunch-break at work to participate in cardiovascular fitness classes.Mary’s skepticism about resistance training was a roadblock she quickly surpassed as she began to see desirable results. In addition, Mary was informed of the changes she would need to make in her daily life. For example, recommendations were made about her diet and she was given a maximum daily calorie intake that she had to follow obediently. With the fitness program I developed and facilitated, and with the “homework” I assigned, Mary was told and reassured she would soon see results and to expect them.

Now that Mary has reached her goal, nothing has changed. Mary is still the fighter she was when I first began to train her. When Mary puts her mind to something, she will do everything in her power to achieve her goal. She is a fitness lifer and I am certain she will continue to exercise and make healthy food choices, which are necessary to maintain the results she has achieved.

Nat Augurusa
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