Mark Roccatani begins Training for Cycling

Mark Roccatani begins Training for Cycling

Mike on his Bike

Mark Roccatani begins Training for Cycling and now completes several thousands of cycling  kilometers a year

The solution I was looking for, like most individuals out there, was to lose weight. There were three key things that Bodies by Design gave me when I joined. Number one, it provided me structure – it provided me a plan, a workout regime. Second, it provided me the process – how to do it and how frequently. And finally, most importantly, it provided me the mental discipline to actually follow through on it.

I achieved several results through the program, including a dramatic boost in energy, self-confidence and motivation. Ultimately it’s made me a well-rounded person where I feel I’m fearless. I feel I’m motivated to tackle any initiative and any opportunity – nothing at this point worries me. For example, I’ve now taken up road racing and I’m riding several hundred kilometres a weekend and several thousand kilometers through the year, because I feel it’s given me that mental strength to tackle not only things in my personal life, but also other activities and sports, and it’s been a wonderful, wonderful journey.

Mark R.

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