Lisa finds relief from Osteoarthritis Pain

Lisa finds relief from Osteoarthritis pain and at 55 years old she proved that there is a life beyond day to day pain

At 28 years of age, I woke up one morning in so much pain I was not able to move.  Within one month I was diagnosed with R.A. (Rheumatoid Arthritis).  This disease landed me in the hospital with severe inflammation and intense debilitating pain, and it left me unable to perform basic tasks and functions for myself.

Within a year of being diagnosed, I finally managed to get the illness under control with the help of some powerful medications. However, I was no longer able to do any high-impact activities, or participate in anything that put undue stress on my joints.

In the ensuing years I had two children and continued to work full time. With a lack of “me” time I let myself go. I was too busy taking care of everyone else but me and soon I became a plump middle-aged woman.  I divorced when I was in my 40s….the added responsibility of being a single mother and being now totally responsible for everything led to having  even less time for myself. My weight ballooned to 180 lbs – my all-time highest.  I tried different diets, but couldn’t stick to them for more than a week and after failing, once again, I found my comfort in food.

Lisa finds relief from Osteoarthritis Pain

Lisa Before

The Wake-Up Call

My daughter became engaged and told me that she was getting married in Jamaica in a year’s time.         I was ecstatic for my daughter, yet horrified, mortified and deathly reluctant at the thought of being in a bathing suit in the presence of family and friends – and yet I did nothing.

For a few years, both my daughter and my son had been coaxing me into getting fit. I joined a gym, went a couple of times per week, and then just gave up. Finally three months before my daughter’s wedding, after procrastinating, I realized that I was running out of time. My son and daughter both convinced me to do something significant, so I joined BBD and bought sessions with a personal trainer.

The BBD Fitness & Weight-loss Program

My Fitness Coach, Sarah, gave me the guidelines for a diet I needed to follow. She told me about Nutrient Coaching and their software App and showed me how to use it and todocument everything I ate. I love that I can play around with the diet I follow…..I can eat pretty much what I want as long as I stick within my calories (they DO count!) and I eat a balance between Carbohydrates/Proteins/Fats.

Lisa finds relief from Osteoarthritis Pain

My personal trainer, Shawn, knows that I suffer from RA, so he chooses exercises for me that are low impact.  Shawn has been a great motivator to me, and I love the rapport we have developed. He has been awesome and I have thoroughly enjoyed training with him.

I religiously recorded everything I ate, met with my trainer twice per week and went to the gym on my own two additional times per week. The weight started to shed! As more and more weight came off I became more and more determined and encouraged to lose more.  I actually looked forward to my weekly weigh-ins because I saw the reward for all my efforts.


My daughter’s wedding fast approached…I had lost the 20 lbs I had set as my goal. But I wanted to lose more, so I set another goal for myself- to lose another 20 lbs!

The wedding: It was a beautiful event with a stunning backdrop.  I felt more confident in myself and my appearance than I had for a long, long time and I was able to wear a dress that was so out of my previous comfort zone. I felt so proud to walk my beautiful daughter down the aisle!

Upon my return from the fantasyland that was Jamaica, I returned to my workout routine and in the ensuing three months at BBD I have since shed more weight.

I needed a whole new wardrobe. Oh dear!!! I have gone from a size 16 to a size 8! (And I am well on my way to a size 6!!).

Lisa finds relief from Osteoarthritis Pain

Lisa’s After

My friends, family and colleagues at work all tell me how great I look. All of them ask me what I did for such a dramatic result, and I tell them about BBD and their Nutrient Coaching App. I have inspired a few colleagues enough to join a gym and start an exercise program.

But most rewarding of all is the feeling of well-being.  I have more stamina and energy. Carrying around 35 lbs less is good for anyone, but more so for me since I suffer from RA.

Near the beginning of this journey, I met a special someone who shares my new outlook and passion for fitness. We have been together since, and together we share healthier eating and all types of exercises.

What’s Next

I plan to continue losing another 3 lbs, to a grand total of 40 lbs. Once there, I am planning to stay within  a range of 5 lbs. To aim and maintain one  specific weight number is difficult and puts too much focus  on  one number. My goal is to maintain that weight range and continue training to tone & firm my new body.

Words of Wisdom

At the start of this adventure, I thought that at age 55 I was too old.

I have learned that it’s NEVER too late to get fit and get healthier.

I am living proof.

Lisa DiLuccio

BBD Client


Trainer Star Profile


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When I first met Lisa, I could already tell that she was ready to go mentally. All she needed was a good program that would be geared around her arthritis. We clicked right from the get-go. She told me about her divorce and the trials and tribulations of raising her two children. Now that her kids were all grown up she was ready to put the focus back on herself! Her daughter, Sarah was getting married in a few months at an island destination and Lisa would use this for her motivation.

Lisa finds relief from Osteoarthritis Pain

Now that she is at her goal weight and has achieved the BBD Star Profile status, I can say that Lisa is a new person physically and mentally. She knows how to eat and exercise moderately to maintain her weight and her way of life. I am extremely proud of Lisa and her accomplishments. It was an absolute pleasure seeing her through this journey. Shawn Chuck – Bodies By Design TrainerI have to be honest, Lisa made things very easy from a Personal Trainer’s point of view. She was extremely diligent with tracking her food intake and if she had a “bad day” of eating, she would make it up right away with some extra cardio. She was very coachable—as long as she was physically capable of doing an exercise and her RA didn’t get in the way, she would do it. The workouts gradually became harder, the weights became heavier and the rest times gradually got shorter. Lisa became stronger, her cardio was improving and the weight began to fall off of her body. You can tell that she was becoming more and more confident as she crept closer to her goal weight.


Fit Guru Kris Simpson

The story…

A mother of two personal trainers, one an athlete and the other a fitness competitor, both of which are nagging her to start a fitness program. But she didn’t. That was not an easy task to start for Lisa. Pain was the obstacle which was a hurdle and a half for her. Lisa’s rheumatoid arthritis pain was an everyday demon that made even the simplest day to day tasks a challenge. Her weight had increased over the years and she was now 40 lbs overweight but now she had a very important date in her calendar that was fast approaching… her daughter’s wedding, to be held on a beach in the Caribbean, and yes, she might have to wear a bathing suit.

Lisa finds relief from Osteoarthritis Pain

Lisa and Kris Simpson

The solution…

Lisa started with our program and focused as much on our exercise program as she did our nutritional program. She also set realistic goals for herself, both short term and long term and more importantly, she gave herself the time needed to accomplish these goals.

The Inspiration…

7 months after starting our program Lisa was the confident mother of the bride at her daughter’s wedding. She was 40lbs lighter for and felt and looked great. Lisa’s story is inspirational because she was able to keep her disease at bay by starting a moderate exercise program and cleaning up her diet. At 55 years old she proved that there is a life beyond day to day pain that it’s never too late for CHANGE.

Inspire to Aspire,

Kristopher Simpson