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C-Section Recovery Fitness Program was the Fix

Karry’s C-Section Recovery Fitness Program was the fix after the birth of her twins!

C-Section Recovery Fitness Program was the Fix

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On the morning of March 26, 2007, I was tipping the scales at 202 pounds, a few hours before my husband and I became the proud parents of two beautiful baby boys. I delivered my sons via a scheduled C-section, and although the surgery went smoothly, the seven weeks of recovery was excruciatingly painful at times. In addition to the sleepless nights and not eating properly, I was left staring a 188-pound version of myself at the end of my recovery.

This weight gain surprised me, as I’ve always exercised and eaten well, but I rationalized that I had a family to take care of, and although I was unhappy with how I looked and felt, there was nothing I could do at the moment — I had different priorities now. I kept this train of thought for a few months until, while at a function with my husband, a woman turned to us and asked, “Will this be your first child?”

C-Section Recovery Fitness Program was the Fix

Although I had to put the gym on hold, I started to eat properly. Finally, in November, I was cleared to exercise and I began my journey with the two trainers I like and despise the most, Nick and Nat. Through their knowledge and determination, I began to see the numbers on the scale drop. They encouraged me to get into the best shape of my life and now, weighing less than my pre-pregnancy weight, I am. Because of the team at BBD I am confident and happy once again. I want to thank the BBD team and my husband for believing in what I could do, even when I didn’t.I was mortified, but the question spurred a new train of thought. If I didn’t take care of myself, what kind of example would I be setting for my children? It was time to clean up my diet and hit the gym. Unfortunately my plan had a glitch. I found out that I had a severe case of Diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles), which meant no weightlifting, abdominal work or intense cardio.

Karry Lee Armellin

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C-Section Recovery Fitness Program was the Fix

Karry and Bodies By Design trainer Nat

Karry has always been active, and with two older brothers already in the fitness industry, it gave her more of a push to head in that direction. After Karry gave birth to her twin boys it was almost like starting from scratch all over again. She had put on quite a bit of weight and her strength had decreased, but she knew what she wanted and was determined to get down to her original weight and maybe even lose an extra few pounds. With the weight gain came a loss of energy, which is normal, so she was pretty discouraged when she began.

I did my best to keep her motivated and make her laugh, even if that meant her kicking and punching me instead of the dummy, but it worked. Karry completed three resistance training sessions with me a week and she came to the gym two to three times on her own for cardio. She also followed a strict diet, which significantly sped up the weight loss process.

So after her journey, Karry lost the 50 pounds she was looking for and was back to her original weight. She’s also back to her old self (mentally), laughing and joking around all the time. When she puts her mind to something the sky’s the limit as to what she can achieve.