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Bodies By Design Client Star Profile Joanne accomplishes her Goal to Fit into a Dress that she bought many years ago after finally  losing 25 lbs

Like many university students, I fell into the trap of poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, and just an overall unhealthy lifestyle. But surprisingly, I had managed to keep the weight off my 5’2” frame so when I graduated from York University in 1992 I rewarded myself with a trip to Italy and the purchase of sexy little Versace dress.Joanne BeforeFast forward 4 years. I’m working downtown doing the corporate thing. Lots of meetings and lots of doughnuts and suddenly, I’m tipping the scales at 153 lbs and looking quite Rubanesque. That’s when I met the guy who would inspire me to lose the weight and get into shape. I married in 1998 and weighed in at 109 lbs with a Barbie figure. Great! I had done it and I learned that I actually enjoyed fitness. The sad part was that it was short-lived. By January 2000, I had given birth to my beautiful daughter. Just eighteen months later, in June 2001, with hardly any time to recover, I gave birth to my wonderful son, and eighteen months after that, in February 2003, I gave birth to my youngest son. Needless to say, after having been a walking vessel for three calendar years, the weight had come back on and I was back to square one. The sad part is that I had become oblivious to it. With motherhood in full swing and working now as a freelancer I had little time to dedicate to myself, let alone hit the gym. Although in the back of my mind I knew I should make time for myself, my priorities had shifted and I had put myself on the back burner. What I didn’t realize was that martyrdom was not going to get me anywhere. In fact, it was doing more harm than good in my life. It wasn’t until about 3 years later, after an exhausting trip to Europe, that my husband gave me a wake-up call. He pointed out that I had spent so much time preparing for a trip where we would spend 3 weeks on a beach, but I had not done a thing to prepare myself. That’s when it hit me – finally! I had completely let life take over and I had abandoned myself while tending to everyone and everything else. Something had to be done but, it didn’t happen quickly at all. I looked for every excuse under the sun and I made “donations” to a few Woodbridge gyms along the way in my search of the “right fit”. At one point, I even purchased 24 training sessions at one of the clubs I had joined, but got absolutely nowhere. I had become frustrated and discouraged and the downward spiral was in full force.  It wasn’t until September 2010 that I finally joined Bodies By Design and what a ride it has been! At first, I resisted. I was determined to lose weight, but I wasn’t ready for a trainer. I had had a negative experience and I wasn’t prepared to go through that again. But, I watched. And the more I saw, the more I realized that the Bodies By Design Trainers truly are experts in their field. I would observe as people went through their sessions and I even learned a few tricks. But, the best part about Bodies By Design, is that there is no pretence there. The trainers are truly dedicated and they really want to help people achieve their goals. They are always ready to assist members and answer any questions they have. I really felt I had finally found the right place for me – I felt at home. I worked out on my own without a trainer and I watched the scale closely and….nothing…no progress. In fact, the numbers were going in the wrong direction. Joanne BeforeI sat through my assessments and dreaded hearing the final results. What was I doing wrong? “Could things get any worse?”, I asked myself. My question was soon answered. In May 2011 I was involved in car accident. What seemed like a simple fender-bender for me was a huge deal. This was my third time in an accident and I felt broken. That’s when my life turned around. I joined the Physio By Design program and things haven’t been the same since. The passive rehabilitation I receive in the physio room gives me the mobility I need to build my strength. On the flip side is the active rehabilitation I get on the training floor. Angelo has been my guide through this whole journey. At first, I was actually afraid of him. I would watch him train people and think: “Wow! That guy’s brutal! I don’t know how people can walk or even lift their arms after a workout with him.” The next thing I knew I was training with him! I lost sleep for a few days before my first session, wondering what was going to become of me. But he has led me down this incredible path to what I was about 15 years ago. Only this time, I’m not only thin, I’m fit. I’m strong. And I feel great! Angelo, with his patience and surprisingly gentle manner, has managed to sculpt my body into my best shape ever. He has guided me through my meals and reminded me about my food transgressions along the way. Making sure that I stay true to my healthy eating commitment, he monitors my intake in my Food Log – the Bodies By Design nutrition tool – and makes sure I stay on track. Of course, it hasn’t been easy. Holidays and parties and just plain laziness always get in the way and I was led off track over the Christmas break, but the setback only made me want to reach my goal even more.Joanne I was back on track in no time and a few weeks later I managed to put on my child’s size 14 snowpants – and I still had breathing room to spare. Today, as I sit in my kitchen thinking about what makes feel good, I smile at the fact that my 10-year-old son has no problem picking me up in a bear hug and carrying me around the room! Nothing can replace that feeling of awesomeness – except maybe hearing that I look like I’m in my 20’s. Today, I’m 22 pounds lighter. My waist is 14 cm smaller. And I wear a size XS dress and size 2 pants.  My daughter calls me Popeye, I have the energy to play with my children, and my husband has a renewed smile on his face – even when I present him with the astronomical bill for the shopping spree I went on to buy new clothes that actually fit. That alone is worth more than money can buy! At Bodies By Design, I found my recipe for success: the motivation to be the best I can be, the unbeatable skill of the training team, and commitment from me to reach for greater heights. Ultimately, you have to want to succeed. You are accountable for your own success and Bodies By Design gives you all of the tools you need to strive for those goals. Mine was to fit back into my Versace dress and I made it!

Joanne V.

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Joanne_Bodies By Design Client Star Profile_with_trainer_AngeloJoanne’s greatest obstacle was her internal dialogue. There were days when she fought against herself to come in, and days when she wanted to quit but didn’t – she pushed forward and prevailed. The coaching tool I used was simply comparing her present achievements to her past obstacles. I also had to continuously reassure her that I was on her team and that I wasn’t going let her down. The most developing moment of our bond as trainer and client was when we periodically scheduled our weigh-ins. We used a timeframe to analyze her meals and counted on one another to meet on our scheduled appointments. These intertwining elements were instituted at Bodies By Design to nurture developing stars like Joanne.
In May 2011 I was introduced to Joanne. She portrayed a very enthusiastic personality and a willingness to achieve a set of goals she was after. Her fitness level was slightly above a beginner level program, but she surrounded herself with a healthy mindset that casted a shadow onto her diet that created the body she has now.

The “new” Joanne has an invigorating glow of happiness that attracts people. She had this seed of confidence that grew into a tree of strength and motivation. Joanne has an athlete approach to her fitness that wants challenges and to conquer obstacles. Her dominating attitude toward nutrition will always be her strength and key to her success from here on. Furthermore, reaching Star Profile status is Joanne’s smallest adventure and realizing that she has greater attainable mountains to climb are her new goals. She looks better and feels that she is at her best, but attaining greatness is in her future and will not be taken from her. As her trainer and friend, I hope Joanne continues to feed that fire she has inside her and to aspire to be better.

Fit Furu Kris Simpson

The Story

“Sitting looking Rubanesque and tipping the scales at 153 lbs is a far cry from my previous years when I had a Barbie figure” Joanne – Client Star Profile

Now Joanne could have pulled out the famous book of excuses and told herself that age had caught up with her and continued her progression into a miserable, unhealthy and overweight person but then she got a wake-up call when her husband told her that she had done a great job getting the family prepared for a trip…but forgot to prepare herself. Perhaps as harsh as they may sound, sometimes loved ones have a knack for getting right to the point and waking us up.

Joanne_Bodies By Design_Client Star Profile_with Kris SimpsonJoanne took responsibility and was accountable for her part in the process. She found out that a trainer would be the coach she needed but she still had to do the work. Even having the obstacle of a car accident to overcome, she continued with her journey and made it to the Client Star Profile podium.
The Solution

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I love Joanne’s no nonsense and no excuses approach to our program and her lifestyle. She is a tough woman and I think our program was a good fit for her. She worked the program and the program worked for her. After watching her Star Profile movie again and again one thing really stood out for me which was her comment about a different relationship she had with her children now. She said there was a time that she was miserable and didn’t want to spend any time with her children but today things are quite different and she is able to spend enjoyable quality time with them. For me this is a great example of the transformation our clients develop from the inside and how it positively affects their outlook of the world around them.

Inspire to Aspire,

Kristopher Simpson