The Prescription if you want to stop taking Cholesterol Medications

Gabriele, a Bodies By Design Client Star Profile, discovers that a Health, Fitness and Nutrition Program proved to be the prescription if you want to stop taking cholesterol medications!

Moving through life as an active and fit person in my 20s, I never imagined being an inactive, overweight and unmotivated husband and father of three children. Overweight? Me? “I only need to lose a few pounds then I’ll be ok,” I thought to myself. I never really thought of myself as overweight. Yes, I gained a couple of pounds a year, every year. Well, before I knew it I was in my early 40s and I weighed just over 200 pounds. I was on cholesterol medication and wondering who the “big guy” in the mirror was. There would always be an “issue” at my yearly physical, at which point I would get a reminder from my doctor to lose weight.

The Prescription if you want to stop taking Cholesterol Medications

After Gaberiele’s Transformation

I would toss and turn in my bed every night, trying to find a comfortable sleep position. When I couldn’t find one, I would do what I knew would get me to fall back asleep, I raided the snack cupboard. I used to dread getting out of bed in the morning. I would be hunched over with a sore back. I would constantly complain to my wife that we needed a new mattress. Then the shortness of breath and rapid heartbeats began. I couldn’t carry my children up the stairs to their bedrooms without beginning to pant. One day, I envisioned my life in the future and did not like what I saw. That is when I promised myself to lose weight and join a gym.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to embark on this journey alone. Chances are, if I joined a gym, I would stop going after a few months. I would need help. I needed a team behind me that would push and encourage me to succeed. On a cold February morning I walked through the doors of Bodies by Design Personal Training and found my team. I left my consultation with Kris Simpson knowing that my life was going to change, and Bodies by Design was going to be beside me every step of the way. I would never look back.

My first year at BBD was pretty much a wash. I would mainly train twice a week and sometimes only once. Due to vacations and other priorities, there were breaks that lasted for weeks at a time. There was always an excuse. I lost 10 pounds that year but it wasn’t enough. I needed more. I changed my mind-set on how I trained and ate. I booked all my sessions, with my trainer Jennifer, for a full year in advance. There were no more excuses.

Even though the training accelerated my weight loss, I still wasn’t very happy and examined how I ate. I was eating clean but realized I wasn’t eating properly. With the help of my trainer Jennifer and Fitness Consultant Sarah, I learned that I wasn’t eating enough. Using BBD’s nutrient coaching program I began to measure and record everything I consumed. I was surprised to find out how much I could actually eat everyday! I packed my meals for the day, took them with me to work and stuck to an “eating schedule,” which meant eating every 2-3 hours. My weight and body fat kept dropping.

By using the diet and exercise principles I learned, I became someone completely different than the person I was a couple years ago. I have more energy, I’m more

focused, fit and healthier than ever. This year there were no “issues” at my physical. As a matter of fact, my doctor took me off cholesterol medication! I know I’m doing something right when the doctor says, “Gabe, keep doing whatever you’re doing.”

The Prescription if you want to stop taking Cholesterol Medications

Gabriele with his family

I love the fact that my children refer to my arms as rocks! The greatest moment of my journey was when I took my shirt offafter a run. My eldest daughter pointed to my stomach and with a worried look on her face said, “Dad! You’re getting muscles there.” Yeah baby! That alone made all the hard work worth it.

When I first embarked on this journey, I did not know where it would take me. I never dreamed I would be standing on the Star Profile podium. I have been blessed with several positive role models at BBD.

The only thing I know for certain is that my journey will continue. I don’t know where it will take me, but I know I want it to take me somewhere.

As I walk through the doors of Bodies by Design, I always make it a point to look up on the wall and read the words “Inspire to Aspire.” I can honestly say that I have been INSPIRED TO ASPIRE!

Gabriele – Bodies By Design Client Star Profile


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The Prescription if you want to stop taking Cholesterol MedicationsWhen Gabriele, a family man in his early 40s with a busy career, arrived at BBD he had been overweight, inactive and on cholesterol medication for years. His poor eating habits and lack of exercise left him weighing more than 200 pounds, the heaviest he had ever been. He was unhappy with his appearance, his lack of energy and his overall health. I put Gabriele on a Beginner Fitness program twice week and I adjusted his calorie intake according to his weight. He struggled with the exercise program and he had difficulty completing a full training session. The sessions left him feeling nauseous and a little insecure with his ability to perform basic exercises such as modified pushups. I remember him mentioning that he dreaded the sessions. He was always looking for excuses to cancel, but he managed to talk himself out of it.

Despite a few obstacles, Gabriele never gave up. We modified certain exercises and took another look at his diet. He was now shedding an average of two to three pounds a month. After dropping a few inches around the waist, watching the numbers drop on the scale and having to buy new clothes, Gabriele’s attitude started to change. He grew more confident and his attitude turned positive. He felt more energetic and was extremely focused. He was getting stronger and his endurance level was like night and day. He was actually enjoying the sessions! He began setting realistic weight loss goals, writing his meals in a journal, eating clean and counting his calories. He also added an extra day or two of cardio to his week. This is when we really started seeing changes! Today Gabriele has accomplished many goals and continues to still make new ones. He’s 40 pounds lighter, has increased his muscle mass, decreased his body fat and is six inches smaller around his waist. He trains with me three times a week and runs on his own on the other days. He continues to eat clean, record all his meals in Fat Secret and stays within his Recommended Daily Intake. Almost a year ago the doctor gave him a clean bill of health and took him off his cholesterol medication. The doctor told him whatever he was doing, keep it up. He tells me many times how he is in the best shape of his life. I see a more confident, energetic and stronger man who is consistent, determined and committed! Gabriele has also helped me reach a personal goal of my own. He is an inspiration!

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The Prescription if you want to stop taking Cholesterol Medications

Gabriele with Kris Simpson


Most people live with being uncomfortable. We are very adapting. Then there is a wakeup call. Some sort of pain and frustration that keeps you up at night and something that just can’t be ignored any longer by us or our doctor.

Gabe summed up how uncomfortable life can be when you are living with extra body weight. It’s heavy in all respects. It affects your entire life, from your waking moments until you try to fall asleep at night. The next new mattress never solves the problem and cookies fill in as a sleeping aid, but they also have side effects.

Gabe’s transformation didn’t happen fast nor was it easy. His drive to complete his transformation showed every day when I saw him at the studio. What I also noticed with his enthusiasm. He loved the journey. I admire him for his patience – understanding it is a process and the years he had not taken care of himself couldn’t be wiped out by a few months of exercise and good nutrition. He also understood what most of our clients have learned the hard way: our program does not work without following the nutrition component. And yes, there is some independent work required … we like to call it homework. I commend his trainer, Jennifer, who stood by him for support and gently pushed him to the Star Profile podium where he now stands tall.

I had a conversation with Gabe after his photo shoot and he described how much his life has changed; it was an emotional moment. That is what our Star Profile Challenge is all about – our clients taking on the challenge of positive change. I think Gabe summed it up best when he said, “I have been INSPIRED TO ASPIRE.”