Domenic earns his Six Pack Abs

Domenic goes from “pudgy” to earning his Six Pack Abs and reducing his body fat under 10% with a training program

Dom Reda, a 42-year-old Vaughan resident, was pudgy and weighing a little more than 200 pounds when he decided he wanted to get active and shape up.

“My wife actually joined Bodies By Design first, and she was getting some outstanding results, and convinced me to joined Bodies as well,” he says.

“I’ve been here ever since … a little over 8 years.”

Dom toned up dramatically and says he’s achieved the fitness goals he had set for himself. At 10 per cent body fat, he’s able to see those six-pack abs many guys long for.

“I didn’t lose a lot of weight, I actually increased muscle size and decreased body fat,” he says.

“And I’ve done that consistently with the help of Bodies By Design and the feedback they give me on an annual basis.”