Daniella - Increasing Self Esteem in Women

 Daniela finds true confidence when she was able to lose weight –  A great story about increasing self esteem in women

Daniella - Increasing Self Esteem in Women

Daniela Before

Daniella - Increasing Self Esteem in Women

Daniella After

October 2007 was when I made a decision to join Bodies By Design. I was always overweight, a “big girl” as some would say. I always wanted to make the change and this time I decided to do just that. It wasn’t that my life wasn’t good; I had friends and family that loved me but I wasn’t really happy with myself. I lacked true confidence. I didn’t glow and I wanted to glow. I wanted to feel so good about myself, but for some reason each time I tried a diet or a workout I gave up because it felt as though it was impossible. Maybe I was destined to be overweight and unhappy.

A friend recommended me to Bodies By Design and my first step to the new me was meeting with my fitness consultant Rose.  I had my first assessment and a “before” picture was also taken. I then got started on their personal training program. I did have some experience in the gym working out but when I told my trainer Nick he just smirked and laughed saying “oh yeah … we’ll see.” He was right.  He pushed me to new levels that I didn’t think was possible. I started to feel good about myself with every workout, every rep, and every set. I started to take a liking to my trainer constantly yelling “five more reps Dan!” There were times where I wanted to break down and quit but Nick would push me and tell me it’s a mental game — if you want it you can have it, just believe it.” He was right. I wanted it so bad that I got it. I pictured myself finishing every workout because that brought me closer to who I wanted to be, and who I should have been all along: confident, strong and glowing. I am unstoppable, there are no limits, and there is no past or future … just now!

Daniella C.

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