Daniela solves her Lifelong weight loss Problem

Daniela a Bodies By Design Client Star Profile solves her lifelong weight loss problem and and won the battle of controlling her weight

When you struggle with your weight, the journey has no end

In March 2011, even with endless calorie counting and being “active” I was 160lbs. I was mad, frustrated and sick and tired of putting in the effort with little results. Vowing to make a change, I told myself something needed to be done ASAP. I joined a Learn to Run 5km program– and thismarked the beginning of my transformation. At first it was a struggle to get through the first few minutes. But, within weeks, I worked myself up to my first 5km and a few pounds came off.  Who knew!

Daniela solves her Lifelong weight loss Problem

Daniela’s After Photo

Running is amazing. The open road, tunes blasting in your ears, and the freedom to go faster and longer anytime! But for me something was still missing. My weight plateaued, I continued to be obsessed with calories and I felt boredom setting in. Not good. I felt the “trap” coming.

In the summer of 2011 my friend Nadia convinced me to try personal training at Bodies by Design. My initial reaction was, “I’m not sure,” “I can’t lift weights,” “and it’s expensive”…blah, blah, blah. Until one morning I stepped on the scale after running 4x that week and was shocked that I gained a pound. THAT WAS IT!I told myself something had to change and all excuses must end today. With a push from my hubby,I signed up for a free consult @ BBD.

After meeting with Kris and completing my first session with Nat, I said to myself, “I’m crazy!” and “I can’t do this.”I barely completed a few push-ups and squats, and “what the heck is a burpee?”Not to mention the next morning I couldn’t move my legs!!! Nevertheless I signed up, and was now committed!

As every week passed, Nat, Alek, Angelo, Jennifer, and the countless other trainers pushed me. They had confidence in me, when I didn’t:  “Yes, you can do it;” “A few more;” “Heavier is better,” they told me. Before you knew it the inches were coming off. I was able to eat more and I became stronger and confident.I dusted off the tank tops to highlight my hard work.

Daniela solves her Lifelong weight loss Problem

Daniela’s After Photo

Early 2012, I hit another plateau. During my session with Jennifer she introduced me to Tosca Reno’s “clean eating.” It wasn’t until then that I realized my current eating habits were preventing me from reaching my goals. On top of that, the trainers turned it up a notch, supporting me to break down my self-imposed limitations. Well, after a few weeks of cranked up training and following Tosca’s principles, I was able to break through the plateau and shed the last few pesky pounds. Yeah!!

I cannot say enough about my primary trainers Nat and Alek!! Not only are they great guys, but they challenge me week in and week out, customizing my torture at every session (and we have fun too). They always give me the pep talk and inspire me to come back for more. For that matter, all the trainers at BBD are great (Angelo, Christian, Jennifer, Daniel….). My only regret is that I don’t have enough time to train with them all. I joke with Nat that I have a love/hate relationship with him. I hate him during the session for all the torture he puts me through, but love him afterwards for amazing results!

So what’s next? So my journey has no end! I don’t want it to end.There is a “6 pack,” a 10km race and “chin-ups” waiting for me around the corner!!! Now there is motivation…………

Now to say thank you…First, to Nat, Alek and the rest of the crew at BBD! At every turn I am pushed and supported to achieve my goals.Next, thanks to all of the dedicated BBD gym junkies.Every time I step into the gym you inspire and motivate me with your own transformations, sweat and commitment. We are all in this together. And most importantly to my husband and son who remind me that it is ok to be selfish and focus on me for a little while every day.This is not only my accomplishment but yours too!

So what’s next? So my journey has no end! I don’t want it to end. I am down about 35llbs since early 2011, moved from a double digit dress size to a comfortable size 4 and have less than 18% body fat!! I know “Mission Possible”!!!! But I can’t stop here, its no longer about the numbers, now its personal (LOL). There is a “6 pack”, a 10km race and unassisted chin-ups waiting for me around the corner!!! Now there is motivation…………

I leave you with my inspiration “Strong is the new Skinny.” Amen to that!!!!

Daniela P.

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Daniela solves her Lifelong weight loss Problem

Daniella and Bodies By Design Trainer Alek

From the moment I met Daniela I knew she could achieve great things. She had already switched her mindset to embrace fitness and health as an important part of her life, and it was her drive and ambition that radiated. She looked ready for a challenge and was hungry for one every session. With her I focused on improving her strength and endurance, toning up those muscles and getting her the defined abs she had long dreamed of.

Daniela knows it’s hard work getting through tough workouts, but she’s always been up to the challenge and comes in with a fantastic attitude. There are moments when she doesn’t think she can complete the last few repetitions or keep up that aerobic exercise for the full minute, but when I give her a few encouraging and supportive words, she refocuses and completes the task. Seeing her achieve so much through her journey has made it rewarding for me as well.

Daniela is consistent, dedicated and disciplined, which is how she got to where she is. Her drive for achievement and self-improvement is phenomenal, and she is constantly setting goals for herself, which is the best way to get results. Her nutritional habits and knowledge is exceptional, and her new physique often draws compliments from other clients who know how much work it takes. She continues to be a shining example for others to follow.

Now that she has achieved the honour of Star Profile status, I wish to see Daniela make new challenges such as entering a long-distance race, and who knows, maybe even entering an ironman competition!


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Daniela solves her Lifelong weight loss Problem

Daniella and Bodies By Design Trainer Nat

When Daniela started she was definitely shy, scared and weak simply because she was inexperienced with resistance training. She was very active when it came to cardio but had little to no experience when it came to weight training. I remember when Daniela started, she said “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it” so I knew with that attitude she would defiantly succeed at BBD and with our personal training program moreover, she would get the results she was looking for.

Daniela’s diet was decent but needed a little adjusting which we worked on together and in turn this helped her achieve results even faster. One of the biggest challenges for Daniela was building up her strength. She was not even to do 5 basics push-ups and is now blasting out 30 regular push-ups and 10 free body chin-ups on her own. This is pretty amazing in my books!

Daniela’s state of mind since she started has significantly changed for the better. She is stronger mentally and physically, she has a smile on her face where ever she goes, and she is probably one of the strongest people, if not the strongest person I have ever trained in my career. I stock this up to her pure determination to overcome any challenge I put in front of her.

I don’t think being a Star Profile has hit her yet, she still tells me everyday “I can’t believe that was me” when she sees pictures of herself from a few years back. It’s a testament of how humble a person she really is.


Bodies By Design Personal Trainer

Fit Guru Kris Simpson

The story…

Daniela has a successful career, a successful family life, but can’t seem to find success with her life-long weight problem. This has proven to be her nemesis and where she just couldn’t find success. I think this was especially frustrating for Daniela because through hard work and sheer determination she had found success at almost everything in her life that she put her mind to.

Daniela solves her Lifelong weight loss Problem

Daniela and Kris Simpson

The Solution…

She had found that she loved running but running didn’t take off the pounds for her. What she found out is that she was running with the wrong formula. The formula that worked for her was a three pronged approach of cardio, resistance training and a major focus on clean eating, influenced by a friend of mine, Tosca Reno, and her book “Clean Eating”.

The Inspiration…

Daniela’s story is inspirational because she finally beat her nemesis and won the battle of controlling her weight. Her story is not just about weight loss though, as she doing her push ups and chin ups, Daniela says…“Strong is the new Skinny”.

Inspire to Aspire,

Kristopher Simpson