Cora achieves her dream of being on the cover of a Fitness Magazine

Cora achieves her dream of being on the cover of a Fitness Magazine

It was only a year ago when something happened that made me sit down and reassess “me” …. Who I am, what I had accomplished and where I want to be in 5 to 10 years.  It made me assess all aspects of my life, career and health.

The more I thought about this, I realized I needed to make some significant changes especially related to my health.  In particular, over the last 5 years I noticed that I was gaining weight for no apparent reason.   Knowing my concern, my eldest daughter handed me a copy of ‘Inspire to Aspire’ summer 2005 edition.

The successful results of the Star Profile on the cover seemed real.  I was confident that if someone else could do it, BBD could help me as well. My dream at that moment was crystallized. Not only did I need to, but now I wanted to loose weight and improve my health – I knew at that moment that I wanted to be on the cover of ‘Inspire to Aspire’.

Cora achieves her dream of being on the cover of a Fitness Magazine

Cora’s After

Small achievements keep me going…

I joined BBD and I started my one-on-one sessions with my personal trainer Brian.  I combined these sessions with my own gym routine 5 times a week.  Over time, I started to note some significant differences in my shape and weight, which were confirmed by my personal coach Kris each time we met for an evaluation.  I was feeling energized, happier and more confident in my appearances – all of which inspired me to keep going.

So what’s the secret?

Those who have seen and have taken particular note of my progress are very curious about what it is I am doing.  I often get asked “What’s the secret to your success?”

Interestingly enough there is no real secret.  My formula for success is the same as it would be for anything else you wish to achieve in life. I refer to it as:


‘D.I.E. For Success’

Determination: strength of mind; will power; purpose

Intensity: strength; concentration; power; passion

Endurance: staying power; patience; stamina


It’s taken me 1 year, but I did it!  I achieved my weight loss goals and have been selected as a Star Profile. I have proven to myself that my formula for success really works.

I want to thank Brian, Ryan and Kris. I could not have achieved my results without your knowledge, encouragement, motivation and endless support.

I look forward to enjoying continued success with the help of BBD.


Cora P.

Bodies By Design Client Star Profile