Chris G. 200 pound weight loss success at Bodies By Design

Chris G. shares his 200 pound weight loss success story at Bodies By Design Personal Training!

Chris G. knew he had to turn his life around while watching the videotape of his sister’s wedding.  Seeing himself in a tuxedo weighing 425 pounds at the age of 24 triggered him to get into shape…

Chris G. 200 pound weight loss success at Bodies By Design

The 6-foot-1 Woodbridge resident had played baseball as a youth, but didn’t stay active as he got older. “I had never worked out at the gym, ever, and I was eating the wrong food,” Chris says, noting he was eating fast food several times a week, and usually at 2 a.m.

He made a commitment to himself and signed up at Bodies by Design. Chris wasn’t really serious about his workouts for the first few months, but ramped it up just after his 25th birthday. “My goal was to get onto the cover of this magazine,” he says.

In the next two years, Chris would shed an incredible 190 pounds. He began lifting weights several times a week, coupled with 30-45 minute bouts of cardio. He received exercise tips from family members and friends like Pat Santoli, a previous Inspire to Aspire Client Star Profile who himself had lost about 100 pounds in 15 months.

Chris says his profession as a chef had also held him back for many years. “It was hard because I would take advantage of being able to eat any type of food I wanted, such as desserts and fried foods, for free.

“But then two years ago I decided, ‘I’m going to take advantage of it in a different way. I have all these foods right in front of me, I could just make healthy foods.’” The 27-year-old ate lots of chicken and tuna, and stayed away entirely from pasta and bread, instead obtaining his carbs from vegetables and fruits.

Chris lost a whopping 100 pounds in the first year of his serious training and new diet. He shed another 90 pounds of fat over the next 15 months. He says his initial goal was to drop to 310 pounds, but when he got there, lowered that number to 265, then 250, 245, 240 and eventually 230.

Chris G. 200 pound weight loss success story

Chris After

Chris recalls the days he was at his heaviest. “I felt awkward, I just felt so wrong … Everything from going for a walk to putting on my seatbelt was a challenge for me,” he says.

“My size controlled my life. It kept me from doing so many things. I wore tracksuits on the beach, swam with a shirt on, and even refused to go on vacations because of the fear that I wouldn’t fit in the airplane seat.”

Now, Chris says he feels amazing. “I have so much more energy, so much more stamina, so much more confidence. And most of all, I feel healthy.”

Chris has received endless comments of praise from relatives and friends. “Everybody is always saying, ‘You look great! How did you do it?’”

Chris’s current fitness goal is to “get really big and lean — all naturally. Like a rock.”