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 Sandro was able to recover from Heart Surgery and go back to playing the game he loves!

Sandro Bodies By Design Client Star ProfileFrom the day I was asked to write my Star Profile story all I could think about was I was going to write. Not sure how to begin, I began reading other Star Profile stories to get a sense of what they had written about.  I soon discovered we all had something in common: we were not happy with our weight and it was affecting our quality of life. With the help of BBD we all decided to do something about it.

So here’s where my story begins. For me there were many wake-up calls about my weight gain, but for a long time I chose to ignore them.  However, there was one wake-up call I couldn’t continue to ignore.  I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (A Fib), which was causing my heartbeat to race erratically, up to 300 beats per minute. As a result, I was placed on heart medication to help control it. Even on medication my heart rate would beat erratically at 120-plus beats per minute at rest. To help reduce stress on my heart my cardiologist recommended I lose weight. For a number of years I tried dieting, exercising on my own, running, etc. … losing a few pounds here, but only to gain them back, and then some. Then family and friends who were members at BBD were encouraging me to join. But I kept procrastinating and shrugging them off, telling them I know what I’m doing. I finally broke down and very hesitantly decided to join, but at the time thought to myself, “Aren’t personal trainers for out-of-shape movie stars?” I planned to go to one session and then stop, telling my family and friends that it wasn’t for me. As I would find out this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Feeling nervous and not knowing what to expect I attended my first personal training session with Dan.   Right from the get go Dan made me feel comfortable asking questions about me, my health, getting to know me! Leaving me with the positive impression, Dan cares and wants to help me.  I would soon find out that my other trainers Michael, Jason Jack, Jason Messa and Angelo were and are just as passionate about their jobs and clients as Dan is.

Sandro Bodies By Design Client Star Profile

I underwent a heart procedure known as a Heart Ablation, which has a first-time success rate of 60-70% with many people suffering from A Fib having to undergo the procedure a second or third time. To date I no longer suffer from A Fib. I am happy to say I am off of my heart medication, my heartbeat is down to the low 50s and it is no longer erratic. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the help of my personal trainers at BBD. I know this to be true because my cardiologist advised me that my conditioning would increase the odds of the Heart Ablation working the first time. And it did!

Along with my past heart condition I suffer from arthritis, which can limit my mobility because of the joint pain. My arthritis even forced me to stop playing basketball – a sport I loved playing for many years. The condition simply made running and jumping too painful.


Sandro Bodies By Design Client Star ProfileEach of my trainers were made aware of my arthritis and heart condition, and designed my workout routine taking this into consideration. This is one of the best aspects about using a personal trainer. I show up at BBD and my program is designed specifically for me. If I am not able to do a certain exercise my trainers quickly modify it for me. How easier can it be? I just show up and follow my trainer’s instructions. I would never have had the knowledge or have been able to do this on my own.

I can honestly say that joining BBD was the best thing I could have done for “me.” After all, we take the time to tune our cars, motorcycles, homes, etc., and somehow forget about what should be the most important thing: “tuning” our own mind and body.  With the help of my trainers Michael and Jason my weight is significantly lower and my mind and body are in the best shape they have been in a very long time. I no longer feel sluggish and self-conscious about my weight. I am also happy to report that I am back to playing basketball two times a week and will continue to do so for a long time.

When it comes to weight loss and getting back in shape there is no magic pill. You are your own magic pill. “Aspire to Inspire” – it really works. Just read the Star Profile stories.

A very heartfelt thank-you to BBD and my trainers Michael and Jason for helping me.

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Michael Trainer star profile Sandro

michael sandro trainer star profile client

When I first started working with Sandro he was very motivated, but he was facing a few obstacles. He was recovering from elbow surgery, which limited him on certain movements and exercises. We did manage to work around it and modify the workouts as we went along, but the one thing that was always consistent was his attendance, effort and positive attitude. Sandro took his eating seriously and was consistent with his food logging. Due to his hard work and perseverance, his elbow became stronger along with the rest of his body and his body weight continued to drop.

The more I work with Sandro the harder I am able to push him and the more he wants to be pushed. He enjoys the challenges and wants to test his limits. He even jokes with me sometimes by telling me the workout was too easy. Once I got to know Sandro and saw the positive attitude he brought to the training sessions it was easy to see why someone like him would achieve his goal and become a Star Profile.

There was never a doubt in my mind that he would get there and we had a lot of fun during our workouts. Sandro shows no sign of slowing down so I see him continuing down this path and whatever challenge he decides to conquer next, I know it’s only a matter of time before he accomplishes it. I hope I can be part of helping him get there as well.





Jason trainer star profile candidate

As the months went on, I could see Sandro’s weight dropping and his strength and cardio improving a lot.  His cardio was my biggest concern when it came to his training. I was trying to get his heart working as much as possible without making him too fatigued, but to my surprise, Sandro kept pushing himself. Sandro has no quit in him whatsoever.  He also made sure he logged his food and he never missed a session. Sandro travels often because of work, but he always made sure to make up his session either before or after his trips. As the pounds started to come off, I could begin to see a more youthful Sandro, and his energy level was through the roof. He was excited – he couldn’t wait for our sessions to begin and neither could I. Sandro had a few setbacks in his weight loss journey, such as when he visited his mom and she thought he was getting too small, so she began to fatten up her baby boy. Those were hard times for him because how can someone refuse their mother’s delicious cooking? We discussed the dilemma, and Sandro assured me that after a couple of weeks he would get back into his routine. When he did, the weight started dropping once more.From the first time we met, Sandro was eager to start and he didn’t want his health issues stopping him or slowing him down.  He had an irregular heart beat and he was scheduled for surgery, so he knew he had to take his training very seriously.  Sandro’s favourite words were, “Don’t hold back – if I have to stop, I will stop, but I will give you what you ask for.”

Sandro is a pleasure to train. He is no longer just my client, I consider him a good friend and someone I admire. Our training sessions are very intense, but we still find time to catch up on life. I enjoy listening to him tell me about his basketball dominance during his regular league nights. The man’s on fire and he is enjoying his life.

Jason J.



Sandro_with Kris SimpsonI think that every trainer dreams of making a significant difference in a client’s life.  Many of our Star Profiles have significant weight loss and are significantly different people, both physically and emotionally after they have completed their challenge.What is different about this Star Profile is that Sandro accomplished a significant health change and this is what every trainer really dreams of; to make a critical change for a client’s health and as a bonus, get them off their medication…after all we feel that Health, Fitness and Nutrition could solve 80% of the people’s health problems!

After reading Sandro’s story and finding out that his wake up call was the fear of his heart condition worsening with his body weight increasing, I was reminded again that when clients come to us with health concerns that it presents an opportunity to live out our dreams and remove the fear of ill health and empower them to take charge of their lives.

Another major accomplishment in Sandro’s story is being able to live out one of his dreams – playing basketball.  He is a huge fan of the game and his arthritis was not allowing him to be in the game.  When Sandro brought his basketball in for his photo-shoot I had such a sense of pride that we had a part in helping him back onto the court to play ball!

I applaud Jason J. and Michael who were the coaches behind Sandro’s Game Changer Star Profile Story.  I think Sandro’s smile says it all – a man that has Inspired to Aspire and is back in the GAME!

Kristopher Simpson