My life was pretty good before I began working out, but I was overweight by 30 to 40 pounds, and I felt sluggish. I couldn’t play basketball or other sports with my son for more than five minutes without running out of breath or gasp for air. I was always working 12 to 14 hours a day running my own business.

The wake-up call was when I realized that I was getting heavy and couldn’t participate in any sports or physical activities like I used to. At age 43, I decided to go to the doctor for a physical finally.

At the time I thought that if my doctor told me I had an issue and I would need to visit his office three days a week, and I would need to pay $50 to $100 per visit, would I do it? Of course, I would. I think anyone would without question, even if it meant you would need to tell your employer or clients you could not work because of a health issue. Going for treatment would be totally acceptable and respected by your employer or client.


Thank God my results were not bad, but I knew I had to take command of my lifestyle and make some changes. That’s when I decided to visit Bodies by Design and signed up for a personal trainer. I made a commitment to them as if I was visiting the doctor’s office for treatment.

My experience with BBD and the personal trainer was challenging because of my health condition. The first few weeks were the hardest and frustrating when I realized my physical conditioning was poor. I couldn’t do ten pushups, and I  was gasping for air with every set we did.

After my three-month evaluation, I had only lost three pounds. I was totally pissed off and felt like I was wasting my time.

I almost gave up on my quest to change my life because I was working my butt off and giving every workout 100% effort. Junior was my trainer at the time (almost 14 years ago), and he was inspiring and coached me through every session. He kept telling me I was doing well and sometimes we need more time to see the results. The trainers I have had over the years have always been personal and have had a great attitude and supported me through every workout.


After the 8-month mark, I had lost a total of 38 pounds and 6 inches. I felt great, and I considered that I got my strength and life back. I was announced as the Star Profile of the Year, and I was proud of myself, thanks to the trainers at BBD.

I had achieved my goals because, in addition to working my butt off, I had changed my eating habits and started eating healthier foods. The trainers always made suggestions about healthier and nutrient-dense foods that I should be consuming.

I have been committed to myself, my friends and my family to be a better, healthier and inspirational person to men my age. I am turning 59 years old, and I feel better than when I was 43 — 16 years after my first visit to BBD. I am stronger, grateful and happy with my results so far. I have accomplished everything I wanted, thanks in part to my workout partner Marco, who encouraged me to come back to the gym after a 10-month break recently. He inspires me to work out as hard as he does.

The next step is to stay alive and continue to stay healthy. I will also try to reach my ideal weight of 175 pounds.

Don’t think about it — just start and don’t stop. The hardest part of working out is getting to the gym; the rest is easy.

BBD Trainer Nat with Rick
BBD Trainer Nat with Rick

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kris simpson with client
Kris Simpson with Rick

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