Patrick’s Sedentary life was catching up to him

dsc_6535fGrowing up, I was always fairly active with sports and activities, and because of my metabolism, I didn’t ever have any weight issues and got away eating whatever I wanted to. This active lifestyle continued during my college years (age 19-22). I was in good shape and found time to work out at the gym regularly as well as play recreational sports such as hockey and basketball.

After college, I achieved some significant milestones like landing my first Inside Sales position, which lead to an Outside Sales and Project Management position. Eventually, after some hard work in the early stages of my career, I ended up in a management position for a high manufacturing and sales organization.Somewhere along the way in this 4-5 year journey, I forgot the importance of taking care of my body and setting aside time for myself and my well-being.

Spending much of my time sitting in an office,I went from 180 pounds with 15% body fat to 213 pounds with 27% body fat.


Going away on vacation and looking at myself in the mirror before going down to the beach, I wasn’t happy with the person staring back at me. More importantly, my mood and emotional well-being were starting to suffer from not taking care of myself physically. Something needed to change. In January 2016, I decided to make a New Years Resolution that I would stick to.


I got referred to Bodies By Design by my friend David Kuch, who had worked out at this gym many years earlier when he lived in the GTA. It all started with my initial personal training consultation and checking out the gym in person. Following the consultation, I was paired with Enrico to be my personal trainer and nutritional coach. I liked the idea of having a personal trainer to hold me accountable and push my limits.

However, never having worked with a personal trainer before, I was careful not to have too high of expectation. But Enrico has far exceeded expectations! In my first training session with him, I realized that he was an awesome guy, but he wasn’t going to be easy on me. I needed this tough-love approach, and it has certainly worked. We spend our time doing a great mixture of different workouts from calisthenics, body weight exercises, kickboxing, weightlifting, functional cardio exercises and stretching.

I train with Enrico twice a week and work out at the gym by myself three times a week. I haven’t missed a session yet.

It has paid off as I have lost more than 20 pounds and people have started to notice!

A lot of friends and family have commented on the changes to my body. I am now starting to build some muscle definition (apart from just losing the fat) and am very excited to continue with this journey! Also, none of my pants fit anymore!

I must be down quite a few waist sizes.

dsc_6510fFrom a nutritional perspective, I have started to be aware of what I put in my body. I used BBD’s Nutrient Coaching program to count my calories and get a grasp on my daily intake, and I have also made sure to eat smaller meals. I make my meals a lot more than I used to and eat no sweets (not a big issue for me). The hardest thing for me to do was cut down on the TONS of bread and buns I would eat. I am a lot more careful about the types and quantity of carbs I choose, and I also make sure to try to eat enough fruits and vegetables.

The long-term goal is to lose another 5-10 pounds, but more importantly, build lean muscle and improve my cardio. More specifically, I would like to join a recreational hockey league next winter and participate in a tennis league this summer. Also, I would like to continue to build upon some initial kickboxing training that I have done with Enrico. I would like to get to around 180-185 pounds and have 14% body fat or less.

Patrick W