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Nadia B – It was time to take care of me


DSC_9870Every day felt like it was the same routine. My husband and I work full-time, maintain the house, and are engaged in the learning and extra-curricular activities of our two school aged children. And even though I enjoyed our date nights on weekends,

I felt as if I needed more. I wanted “me time” to go to the gym and get back into shape.

Growing up, I was never really overweight. It wasn’t until after the birth of my second child that I gained a significant amount of weight. Years passed and the weight gain continued. I tried a lot of fad diets, but nothing worked. If I did lose weight, I would quickly gain it back.

I was just under 185 pounds. I couldn’t fit into my clothes and I was easily tired. I had shortness of breath just from walking up a flight of stairs, and I didn’t have energy to do fun things with my kids. But the biggest shocker was seeing myself in pictures!

Even though my husband never said anything about my weight, I was discouraged, embarrassed, and upset that I let myself get to that point. If I did have free time to do something for myself (like go for a walk or work out) I’d convince myself that I was too tired, or it was too late, or I’d make an excuse and find something that needed to get done around the house. Along with my lazy attitude and busy lifestyle came my terrible eating. Fast food joints were a part of my daily meals because of convenience.

The time had finally come for me to stop making excuses and to take action.


The week after March Break of 2015, I went to Bodies By Design for a consultation. I remember laughing when trainer Sheleila told me that my goal of losing 50 pounds was possible. She looked at me with a sincere smile and told me that nothing comes easy and if I wanted to see results, I had to be committed and dedicated. She recommended that I have a personal trainer twice a week and that I also train on my own. I knew that was going to be a challenge because I hadn’t been to the gym in years and when I did go, I would always do the same thing – treadmill and sit-ups.

DSC_9983_2My trainers Enrico and Sheleila were fantastic! Their experience and expertise in designing a fitness program specific to my goals was exactly what I needed. My training sessions were just the right combination of cardiovascular activities and weight training for strengthening and toning. I will admit that I was never excited to do burpees, lunges, mountain climbers, weight lifting or kickboxing, but I was super excited when I started to see results!

My confidence level was increasing and I felt great. There were times when I wanted to quit, but the trainers’ constant push, motivation, and encouragement kept me going!

As for BBD’s Nutrient Coaching program, it was a reminder of my terrible eating habits. Enrico and Sheleila helped me gain awareness of the importance of planning and preparing healthy meals and choosing the right snacks. My husband and I still enjoy going out for dinner, we just now make healthier choices.



By October 2015, I was down almost 40 pounds! Although I hadn’t reached my ideal weight, I was completely satisfied with my accomplishment and believed my only remaining focus was to maintain my weight. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, some time passed and I gained some weight – 8 pounds by the end of December. If I had to make an excuse to justify my weight gain, I’d say it was the holiday season. But the truth is that I was losing awareness. I couldn’t let this continue because I worked too hard to lose the weight. That’s when I decided to join the Freedom13 program. BBD owner Kris Simpson is highly knowledgeable and has a true desire to
want to help others live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.

Prior to the start of the program, I often felt stressed and always rushed. But I thought this was normal because of my busy lifestyle. Kris reminded me about the importance of living a balanced lifestyle. He helped me to gain understanding of managing the 5-Facets (food,emotions, activity, rest, and sleep) which I now know all play a significant role in weight loss and management.

Since completing the program with Kris, I lost 20 pounds. I’m proud to say that I reached my goal of losing 50 pounds and have been maintaining!!


For the past while, I’ve been training with Caroline and boy is she tough! It doesn’t matter if I’m doing a personal training session, 2-on- 1, Interactive class, or her killer Bootcamp, I’m always breaking out a sweat! It’s amazing how we sometimes don’t realize our true potential until someone gives us that “push.” Caroline’s 1-hour workouts are intense, but I always leave her class feeling empowered! Her passion, enthusiasm and motivation are inspiring!

I am thankful for my BBD team starting with my trainers Enrico, Sheleila, and Caroline, who have helped change my physical appearance, and to my health and wellness coach Kris, who has helped me to connect with my inner self and to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

It isn’t always easy, but if you want something bad enough, you will find a way.


I am physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger. I’m still doing what I was doing before and probably more, but feeling less stressed. I am living life to the fullest and loving it! I have the energy to do fun activities with my kids, I continue to enjoy getaways with my husband, and I have greater confidence to try new things. This lifestyle change has made a positive difference in my life and that of my family. My hope is that my children will one day notice and understand, and follow suit.

Fitness Coach and Trainer Enrico with Nadia

Fitness Coach and Trainer Enrico with Nadia


Fitness Coach Kris and Nadia

Fitness Coach Kris and Nadia


Trainer Enrico with Nadia

Trainer Enrico with Nadia