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Rosa Overcomes Menopause Weight Gain

All throughout my teenage years  and even into my 20’s losing weight was never an issue for me, however once I began to work behind a desk for a majority of my day, I noticed that I had begun to put on weight especially around my mid-section.

From that point onward, I was determined to make fitness a part of my daily life by either working out at home, during lunch or after work.
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When I got married at 33 years of age, I still considered myself to be pretty fit, weighing only 118 pounds. After a few years of marriage, I noticed that my mid-section was getting even bigger despite my best efforts to keep the weight off. At 34 and 39 I was blessed to have my daughter Emily and my son Alessandro. However, after each pregnancy I was left with an even bigger mid-section. When I entered menopause at 45 years of age, I gained even more weight and was feeling sluggish and tired. I was beginning to feel very frustrated. I was completely disconnected from my new weight so much so, that I continued to buy clothes too small for me in the hopes that I would be able to fit into them one day. At 48 years old, I jumped on the scale and saw that I had gained an extra 28 pounds.

I figured that this must be part of the “Change” and that I should just learn to live with it, but even more so I was determined that somehow I was going to get back to my pre pregnancy weight regardless.


Along with caring for my two children, I was also tending to my father who had a number of health issues and at the time I had my own health scare when I was told I needed to remove a portion of my colon because of a pre-cancerous growth. This is when I realized I needed to adjust my diet so I began to eat as healthy as possible and continue exercising but the weight was just not coming off. In the summer of 2012, my sister in law Mary Barbieri, a previous inspire to aspire client star profile, told me about Bodies by Design and all the benefits and rewards that it had given her with her struggle during peri-menopause. I knew joining Bodies by Design was exactly what I needed to do but after my dad’s passing in December 2012, I felt very depressed and not very motivated. I decided to hold off and continue working out at home, but yet again was seeing no results.

Even years after the birth of my son I even got a few people asking if I was pregnant again! This was most DEFINITELY my wakeup call!


In June of 2014 I severely sprained my right ankle, and was in an enormous amount of pain. I was about to throw in the towel for good when I remembered about Bodies by Design. This is when I contacted BBD to undergo their physiotherapy and rehabilitation program. I wish that I had made this decision sooner because it has definitely been an amazing experience for me. When I entered Bodies by Design, I was so upset about my injury and all the limitations it was imposing on me. Upon first entering BBD, it was painful even to do lunges and squats because of all the pressure it put on my ankle.

However, after a few sessions with my trainer, Sheleila, the exercises were slowly becoming easier to do and less painful and the weight was coming off, which to me was a dream come true!

Contacting Ben Sit the nutritionist at Bodies by Design was also one of the best things I could have done as well. Ben taught me that I needed to stay within my daily caloric intake and macronutrient distribution for my weight loss to be successful. I find the BBD on-line tracking very easy and quick. With both Sheleila and Ben’s help I was able to lose 12 lbs in 2 months. I can honestly say that I love working out at Bodies by Design. In fact, I look forward to each session with Sheleila. The fitness program she designs are always different and never boring.

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In six months, I lost 24 lbs and 7 inches of my waist! Now that I have lost the weight, I feel much happier, more confident and have tons more energy.  It’s an awesome feeling to be able to wear whatever I like and not have to hide under layers of clothing.  My biggest reward is being able to finally fit into the jeans I purchased two sizes too small in the hope of one day fitting into them.  In fact, I am fitter now in my 50’s than when I was in my 20’s thanks to BBD.

I would like to continue to stay at my healthy weight by continuing to exercise and eat right.  Fitness has always been a part of my life and I hope to continue to be a role model for my children.  I want my children to realize the importance of eating healthy and staying fit at any age.

Words of Wisdom

Always remember why you started – for anyone wishing to lose weight, never give up even when the going gets tough. Just show up and do it!

For all you ladies going through the change, “Be the change you wish to see”

A heart felt thank you to Kris Simpson and to his amazing staff for all their guidance and support.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

Rosa B

Client Star Profile



When Rosa first came in she was very timid, very shy and uncomfortable with her body. She was very upset with her ankle injury as it prevented her from doing certain things she usually could. She was following a vegan diet with a very high carbohydrate to protein and fat ratio based on a study she had read.

DSC_4684fRosa really trusted me, which makes a difference when it came to our training session as even though she may have been hesitant with something new, she would do it. We would have constant chats about her at-home workouts and it was nice seeing her confidence change – from conservative workout clothing to more figure fitting clothing. I began seeing her come in by herself more and more, and always with a bright smile on her face!

The hardest thing for me was to get her to change her diet, she was adamant on following this study she had read and finally had her talking to our dietitian… as she tweaked her diet, the weight consistently kept on coming down!

Rosa is a different woman from when she first came in, always smiling and walking with confidence. She is very strong and her ankle made a full recovery, giving her no issues. She understands what her body requires to keep the weight off and I hope that it does!



During the last few years of my Fitness Coach career, I have met so many women that are going through peri-menopause or full blow menopause. I didn’t know much about menopause in the past, but as time passes and our clients come of age, I’m learning so much about this period of life that women must go through. I have had conversation with women going through this stage of life gently … and other stories that I have heard are not as pleasant.

rosa-sheleila-kris--DSC_4800-1Rosa is one of our clients that has taught me so much about menopause and more importantly, what happens to a women’s body and their emotional state during this time. Acceptance is one of the lessons that I was taught. The change that happens in each women’s life is inevitable and in order to avoid going “crazy” you need to go with the flow and work around the change.

Rosa has done a wonderful job in this respect and she had much more to “work around” then just menopause. She also had to deal with another serious health issue and also take care of her father who was ill. It all started when she was willing to ask for help from another woman who was going through peri-menopause named Mary B., who is also a BBD Client Star Profile. This led to Rosa getting started with our program and receiving the help she needed to mitigate the weight gain she had experienced from menopause.

Her story is empowering because of her success in spite of the adversity she faced. She is a role model to many other women how are going through menopause and are having a challenging time dealing with the change. We admire Rosa for sharing her story and hopefully it will give some hope to other women suffering in menopause. There is an easier way.

Kris Simpson

Fitness Coach