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I was overweight and unhealthy for over 25 years.  Eighteen years ago when i had my third daughter, i tried to control my weight by dieting, it did not me any good.  The harder I tried, it made me depressed and I used to go on the binge.  I became diabetic and 4 years ago, my doctor started me on Insulin.

However, my sugar went very high, and my weight increased.  I asked to see an endocrinologist, who helped me with my weight loss program.  I first started walking 30 mins twice a day, then I began going to Curves, but I was not motivated to go regularly, so I stopped Curves and decided to go to Bodies by Design since my youngest daughter was going, and I saw results. My children thought I would not be able to cope with the exercises, but they encourage me to try.

Bodies by Design has a very warm welcoming environment. I got the feeling that I would succeed when I came in for the consultation. I decided to do the Interactive class, and I enjoyed it.


Both my personal trainers Nat and Kaine, are very encouraging and I am motivated to do my very best. I used to be very self-conscious and shy to do the exercises in a gym, but at Bodies by Design, when I work out with them, they ensure that I am doing the exercises correctly. I come to the gym twice a week and look forward to gym days, I am looking to add one or two more days to my schedule.

When I came to the gym I was 197 lbs and today, I weigh 150 lbs.  I would now like to be 125 lbs.

My health has improved immensely, while I am still diabetic, I don’t take insulin anymore.  I take other medication to control my sugar and my endocrinologist, says my sugar levels are better than an average person.

My message to everyone is believe in yourself, I could do it, and succeed, you can too!

Mary V. with BBD Trainer Kaine
Mary V. with BBD Trainer Kaine

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kris j simpson with star profile client who overcame type 2 diabetes
Mary V. with Kris

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