Giselle thought Losing weight in the Fifties was Impossible! Giselle thought losing weight in the fifties was impossible but she was able to lose 24 lbs in 6 months and achieve much more!

Giselle thought losing weight in the fifties was impossible but she was able to lose 24 lbs in 6 months and achieve much moreAs a young girl I was very skinny, and could eat anything my heart desired and not gain a pound. When I got married I barely weighed 90 pounds and no matter what I ate, I never gained weight. I could eat anything – Big Macs, all kinds of carbs, chips, etc., and never had a problem with my weight. After having two children, however, I never was able to get back to my old, slim self. Years went by but I never really attempted to lose the weight.

Twenty-eight years later, my firstborn son is getting married. What a big day for us! After trying on dress after dress for this special occasion I was discouraged and depressed.

I hated the way I looked in everything. This was my wake up call.

My son was also overweight and wanted to lose the weight for his big day. It was the perfect opportunity for the both of us. We were each other’s motivation. My first personal training session at BBD was very difficult for me. I could not walk the day after and was sore all over. Everything hurt.

I thought I must be crazy at my age to put myself through this, but I persevered.

I stuck to my sessions every week, not missing any. I did two personal training sessions and a third visit to the gym on my own each week. As the weeks went by my stamina increased and my trainers made my sessions more and more challenging for me. I started feeling better and stronger and could feel the pounds just coming off. With every session I got stronger and stronger and was able to do planks and squats well, and hold them for longer periods of time. The trainers also taught me how to monitor my calorie intake, how to eat healthier and how to cut out alcohol from my diet. I now have alcohol in moderation, eat out less, cut my portions in half and know when and what to eat. All of these have helped me lose weight.

In 6 months I have shed over 24 pounds and shed 8 inches from my waist.

Giselle thought losing weight in the fifties was impossible but she was able to lose 24 lbs in 6 months and achieve much more

Finally I look and feel so much better about myself. Friends and family around me have noticed my changes and are amazed by them. I am motivating them to do something about themselves.  They all ask me what I am doing and I answer them by saying one thing “BBD”. Without them I could not have done it. They taught me the importance of healthy choices and how to achieve my fitness goals. I now find I have new energy levels and great eating habits and plan to maintain my weight by still working out at BBD and would also like to get back to running. I know I can do both these activities thanks to all the new strength and stamina I have.  

I am 52 years old and thought that I would never have been able to lose the weight and inches off my waist.. if I can do it so can you.

Giselle C.

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Giselle thought Losing weight in the Fifties was Impossible!

When Giselle first came into the gym, she seemed extremely nervous but excited at the same time. I know that she was very, very determined. She really wanted to lose the weight for her son’s wedding. At the same time, she wanted to push her son as well. With her son being at the gym alongside her, it helped because they were able to climb the ladder together.

I could tell Giselle was a little skeptical going into it, and one thing she was really concerned about was her alcohol consumption. We really needed to work on was cutting that out of her diet completely, which she definitely did very easily. Once the alcohol was out of the picture, the weight just started to come right off.

Once Giselle was able to drop the weight, I could tell she was very excited and she was very happy. When Giselle had first arrived at Bodies by Design, she wasn’t too familiar with any of the exercises and was quite nervous. But she really overcame that and was able to succeed. When she realized this is a goal that she can actually reach, it pushed her to get into the gym a lot more and feel good about herself. Exercising became enjoyable to her. It just made that journey a lot easier.

As for the future for Giselle, just like all my other clients, I really hope they take what we’ve done with them. Essentially, it’s knowing what to do in the gym instead of walking in and feeling scared, being able to understand the programs and what they need to do to get in and out of the gym as fast as they can. Not everyone has the time to take two hours out of their day. The faster they can get in and out of the gym, the better.




Giselle and Kristopher Simpson
Understanding your “why” and more importantly, having a “good why”, is critical when you decide to get into top shape. Giselle had some really good “why’s” and I always believed she would complete her Star Profile Challenge and achieve her personal weight loss and fitness goals. When I first met her she told me about her son’s upcoming wedding. I know that this is an important day for any mother and most will do everything they can to look their best. The other “why” was an interesting one.. she gave up alcohol for lent prior to Easter. This change in her lifestyle alone brought great and immediate results but then we gave her another reason to put more into her new lifestyle when we nominated her for the Star Profile Challenge. Like most Star Profile journey’s, Giselle didn’t have any easy road to trudge. Watching her deal with anything life could throw at her and then getting right back into the gym really impressed and convinced me that she was going to go all the way. Case and point.. understanding your “why” and more importantly.. having a “good why” will see you through a Star Profile Challenge and just about any challenge you can take on in your life.

Inspire to Aspire,

Kristopher Simpson

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