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I was a Bodies By Design client back in 2012/2013 and got down to my comfortable weight after a decade of not eating right. In my 20s I was easily able to maintain my weight without really watching my food intake. Basically, I could eat anything with no repercussions. In my 30s everything changed, and having my first child and working full time left me with little focus on eating right. After having my second child I decided that I needed to FOCUS. I lost the weight by changing what I ate, then I decided that I needed to incorporate exercise into my routine. Although I really didn’t like working out, I had to force myself to make a schedule and stick to it, no matter what.

So that meant putting myself first

Then last summer I went on a bike ride with my family and realized I couldn’t keep up with them. Let me preface this by telling you my husband races and our little guy has biking legs. It still made me feel awful not being able to keep up with them. That’s when I decided that was it — next summer I was going to be, so I started working out again, and with the recommendation of the great people at BBD, I made an appointment to see a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant. She helped me in changing my eating habits. I had been starving myself all day and then eating when I was famished. With food coaching, and trainers Andrew and Alex’s fitness coaching and workouts, I have been able to reach my goal of losing 15 pounds. They made working out more enjoyable. It wasn’t a chore, and it was challenging enough that I didn’t get turned off, plus it was making me feel stronger and more energized.

Now I have decided to try for another 10 pounds. With my trainers supporting me, challenging me and keeping me focused, I am determined to hit my next goal, and maybe more after that. I can say that I am much more comfortable in my skin and clothes. I can’t wait to go shopping soon when I am closer to that new number!


Now I can say that I actually enjoy working out, which is something I had never said or felt before.  On my last family vacation, I actually wished I had a scale with me!

Thanks to Caroline – she motivated and kept telling me, “You got this!” and I keep reminding myself that it’s true.

Lisa S – PIP Client

LIsa with her Lifestyle Coach Kris Simpson

Through this program, you have given me many tools to ensure my success in keeping the weight off. I have had the success in losing the weight before but have not been able to keep it off !! This is the biggest part of my struggle. Now I can implement these tools you have taught me, especially if I find myself sliding down that path again. Although now I truly believe that I will not. I am going to continue to use the SMART shifts, food logging on Fitbit, and the relaxation techniques daily to ensure my success. I feel better empowered in my weight maintenance goals. Thanks, Kris!!