Laura C. started a Anti Aging Fitness Program in her 50’s because she felt like she was in her 80’s

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Laura’s Before and After


Laura had hit rock bottom and decided that an Anti Aging Fitness Program would be her solution to managing her chronic health problems and associated pain so she would be able to get off her pain medication and more importantly had a 13-year-old daughter whom she wanted to be able to do things with and see grow up.   Read Laura’s inspirational story and her journey back to wellness! 


As a child growing up in a large family, we ate mainly bread, rice and potatoes. And we also had dessert every night! I was always active in sports and so was able to maintain a fairly healthy weight throughout my childhood.

As an adult, though, my weight began to yo-yo. I would gain weight and then lose weight. Before my wedding I lost 30 pounds and weighed in at 112 pounds. But the weight kept creeping back on. I was always on a diet trying to lose weight. In September I weighed in at just under 180 pounds — the same weight I had been when I gave birth to my daughter 13 years earlier!

I felt horrible. I was tired all the time, not eating properly, stressed from running my own business and coping with elderly parents who were not well. I began to have chest pains, numbness in my left arm and I had intense pain in my lower back and down my left leg. I felt like I was falling apart. I underwent a series of tests and thankfully the doctors found nothing wrong with my heart. I had, however, severely pulled the muscles in my lower back and left hip, which was causing the pain. The pain at times was so severe I could hardly walk. I had to take painkillers just to do my Christmas shopping!

On January 1, 2013, I took a good look at myself and realized I didn’t want to live like this anymore. I was turning 50 in May and I felt like I was 80! I have a 13-year-old daughter whom I want to be able to do things with and see grow up. I wanted to lose weight but was afraid that if I did the wrong exercises I might hurt my back even more. I have participated in the Woodbridge MS walk annually, where Bodies By Design employees guide participants during the warm-up. After the event I went on the gym’s website, saw the GRIP program and the free consultation offer. I wrote down the phone number, took a deep breath and called. It was the best thing I ever did!

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Laura’s Before and After

I met with Kris Simpson, who introduced me to a trainer named Santos for my preliminary assessment. I could hardly move my left leg, as the muscles were extremely tight. Although I didn’t qualify for the GRIP program because of my injuries, I was determined to lose weight and to walk pain free. Finally, after getting the go-ahead from my specialist and family doctor, I began my “Journey to Wellness” on February 20.

I began training with Santos and Alex twice a week. Initially, my workouts consisted mainly of stretching my muscles to increase flexibility. Both Alex and Santos are extremely knowledgeable with the workings of the major muscle groups and they taught me stretches to perform daily in conjunction with my sessions. They also introduced me to their online nutrient coaching tool to help me gauge what I eat and the nutrition it provides.

By June 20th, with the help of my trainers,  I had lost 25 pounds and 15 centimetres off my waist. The pain in my back was now manageable, as I continued to get stronger every day. I knew my goal to walk pain-free was within reach.

After 7 1/2 months I’ve lost over 40 pounds and have shed 8 1/2 inches off my waist. I’ve dropped from a size 16 to a size 4. The pain in my back and hip has almost disappeared, and there are days when I don’t take any medication to manage the pain. I feel great! I am in better shape now at 50 than I was at 35!

My family has also benefited from my “journey.” We are all eating healthier, “clean” foods and less refined sugars and carbs. My daughter has joined BBD and is also learning to make better food choices and improve her overall fitness level.

I am determined to continue on my “Journey to Wellness.” I will keep training with Alex as I want to increase my flexibility and overall body strength, especially my core muscles. Eating well and logging what I eat online will also help me stay on track.

I can’t thank my trainers Alex and Santos enough. I could barely walk and was in constant pain when I started my journey in February. With their knowledge and ability to keep me focused and motivated, I was able to achieve my goal in only 7 1/2 months.


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Words of Wisdom

One is never “too old” or “out of shape” to get started on their “Journey to Wellness.”

When you’ve reached rock bottom, the only way is up!

Believe in yourself. You’re worth it! We only have one life to live. You have the power to change your future. NOW is the time to start!



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Lauras results with an anti aging fitness program

Laura and her trainer Alex


When I first met Laura back in February, she was very nervous and skeptical of starting an exercise program, something she had never attempted before.  She was well aware that her physical capabilities were not ideal and that most activities involving strength and endurance had proven time and time again to be very challenging.  I remember her telling me once that simply walking around the mall while taking her daughter shopping couldn’t be done without pausing every few minutes to sit down and take a break.  She knew she was joining the gym at a very low level of fitness, and although she was unhappy with herself and had a somewhat negative attitude, I knew we could turn her mindset around to help her begin the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Laura beats anti aging!

It took nearly a month and a half of 55 minute stretching sessions and simple, light-weight and low-impact exercises before we were able to prepare Laura’s body for a full length Bodies By Design exercise session. She persevered through these sessions with a determination that amazed a lot of the clients and staff here at the gym.  This determination was combined with a new outlook on her diet as well.  Laura follows her food logging religiously and takes her nutrition very seriously, something she didn’t do before coming to BBD.  She drastically changed the types of food she was eating as well as the times of day she was eating at.  Having proper guidelines for her Recommended Daily Intake of calories continues to have a major impact on her health along with her weekly workouts.

Laura is now completely different woman than she was when she started here in February.  She comes in to the gym for her sessions with a big smile on her face and a level of motivation that was previously.





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Fit Guru Kristopher Simpson

Laura with Bodies By Design’s Fit Guru Kris Simpson


This is a story I would love to write about every day but it’s not too often that people in their 50’s,  or their 60’s and 70’s for that matter, decide that a fitness and nutrition program could be a solution to getting their health back in order.

I think Laura’s success stemmed from hitting her “rock bottom” and this gave us an opportunity to work with someone who was ready to do the work required to get their health back in order.  Too often I find that people view getting fit and healthy is more of a “want” then a true “need” like it was for Laura.  She was headed for a harder life then she already was living if she continued in the direction it was heading.   She put it best when she said “when you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way is up”!

I remember when she first started training and only being able to do 1/10th of what other clients are able to do during their training sessions.  This didn’t seem to deter Laura and she set off on her 7 ½ month journey.  I also remember remembering meeting her for the first time and telling me the underlying reason why she decided to change the direction her life was going in; she had a 13 year old daughter that she was planning to go on a trip with later that year and she wanted to be healthy to be able to keep up with and do activities.  That statement never left my mind as I watched Laura week by week, step by step, pound by pound and inch by inch to complete her journey to wellness.  I think this is what happens when someone hits a rock bottom, they able to look up and see things clearly and complete their transformation.


Inspire to Aspire, 

Kris Simpson