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Joe and Indru created a Happier and Healthier Life Together!

DSC_1206fIt’s been about 7 months in total that I’ve been training with my husband and our trainer Kiran. It’s amazing at how your body can transform and how amazing you can feel if you keep on track and take care of yourself.  These past few months working out with Kiran has taught me so much.  From meals to supplements.  I never really thought about taking supplements, always thought that if you eat the right foods, you should get all the supplements and nutrition that your body needs.   Learned from Kiran how important it is to add the right supplements to your diet.

Working out with Kiran I started at a size 8 and went down to a size 2/4. WOW !!

The workouts were hard and sometimes it was difficult to get to the gym just because life gets busy.  It’s still a struggle sometime to find the balance between work, home and making time for the gym.  You feel too tired to get up and go but I’ve realized that if I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle that I will have to make the time for myself.  For me, I realize that it’s a focus in my life that I will ALWAYS have to be aware of.  I set this goal for myself and although I don’t think that there’s a timeline in which I need to get to a certain number, I feel like the goal is to get to a point where I know that my lifestyle has to change in that I need to always take the time out to do that for myself.

Going to the gym everyday like going to work…doing that without a second thought…that’s when I can say that I’ve reached my goal.
A12_3808fKiran always challenged us as well as changed up the routine.  She didn’t make it easy for us but always had encouraging words for us. She motivated us, kept it interesting and never gave up on us.  We truly enjoyed going through this process with her and are so thankful for everything she gave us.  She was available to our questions and concerns whether we were at the gym, at home or at the grocery store.  We are so very thankful to her for all her help. I’m getting there Although the work outs were hard…they were fun !!

BBD gave me the education, the encouragements and the environment in which I was able to reach a place that I thought would be extremely difficult to get to.  I did it with determination and with the encouragement from the staff and I could not be any happier with the results !!

Indru  – Star Profile Client

DSC_1201fFor years, I have been on a yo-yo relationship with my weight management.  Fluctuating between 180 and 210 lbs. 3 times through dieting alone. Not really making it a lifestyle change kind of experience. Even though I have a very physical job, it doesn’t exactly help that I don’t exercise and watch my diet. Most days after work I would have beers and pub food that left me feeling lethargic and unproductive for many work days the next day at work. This had to stop.

Waking up every morning and not feeling the stiffness in my back is the most noticeable daily improvement I’ve had since starting my fitness journey, along with the disappearance of my acid reflux.

Ive gone down from 207 to 180 and feeling great about it.

Our trainer, Kiran, was great at helping teach Dru and I the importance of good form while exercising, and she made coming to the gym something to look forward to. She worked us hard and showed us the benefits of being enthusiastic while training. Kiran also gave good nutritional tips while we worked out and we used those tips to improve our eating habits.

I would like to do more body building in the future and increase my strength and heart health. I continue to work on balancing work, family and my own personal goals of constant improvement in life.Finding that balance can sometimes be a challenge, but the goal is to overcome thoseDSC_1175f challenges.


Life is meant to be enjoyed, and though it is nice to relax at the end of a long day, it’s also important to take the time for your body, mind and soul.

Anyone can do this. Some people believe that they are the way they are and they can’t change, but that’s not true!

Spend the time and educate yourself about yourself because now, and until the end, that’s what you have.






Joe V – Star Profile Client

Joe and Indru with fitness coach Kris Simpson

Joe and Indru with fitness coach Kris Simpson


Joe and Indru with BBD Trainer Kiran