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After Italia started a personal training program at Bodies By Design she was able to recover from shoulder injury and lose 20 lbs!

A12_3797I had a shoulder injury that was taking over my life, and I found it hard to do simple tasks. These included brushing my teeth, combing my hair, or reaching for something in the back seat of my car, to name a few examples. Eventually the pain was so intense that I was unable to sleep on my right side. At times, my entire arm would be stiff and numb.  Each day was a struggle. My cousin came to visit from San Diego and stayed with us for two weeks.  Of course, that included a lot of food and posing for pictures! The photos she sent left me shocked and astonished –

I thought it was someone else. That bigger woman was NOT me.

I was one of the first members to join BBD, and I have been a loyal member for 16 years. I have watched the studio grow from one unit to three units, and the BBD family is still growing. I recall the annual anniversary parties where clients and staff were one big happy family, where even children came in and played on the cardio machines. Owner Kris Simpson would encourage the kids’ curiosity and interest, telling the parents, “Let them play, it’s all good!” One of those enthusiastic children was my daughter – now a longtime BBD client.

When BBD incorporated its Physio By Design program, I inquired and then joined. With the help of the Physio team, together with my trainer Alex, my condition has improved immensely. Alex is well informed of my injury and incorporates a program suited to my abilities.

The fitness program he designs is always new and exciting!

He takes the time to ensure I come in on a regular basis, follows up and calls when I miss a session, ready to offer assistance whenever possible. My shoulder has become stronger and bearable, and now there are even days when I forget about my shoulder injury because it feels so much better. Thank you to my trainer Alex, the Physio team, and BBD, which is a very calm environment. With the help of BBD, everyday tasks are easier and pain free. At times, I forget that I had a shoulder injury.  I have stopped taking medication and see my doctor less and less. My goals are to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle, continue a regular workout program and try new things.

 I joined the Biggest Loser Competition at work and was one of the winners.

was able to recover from shoulder injury and lose 20 lbsThat was a challenging and rewarding experience. Now, I share ideas about fitness and overall health with our in-house nutritionist. I also influence my co-workers to make informed decisions about diet and exercise. Over the last few months, our snacking has changed – and it all started with a few vegetable platters and some hummus!

Healthy begins with a state of mind and a positive attitude. It influences ideas, goals, and decisions and soon leads to results. Healthy happens at Bodies by Design.

Face what’s right in front of you.  Don’t ignore it. It won’t go away till you deal with it and it will get worse.  Half the battle is admitting to yourself you need to do something.

Thank you BBD


Italia R.

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was able to recover from shoulder injury and lose 20 lbs


After a couple of weeks Italia and I started to get really close and I actually noticed a big change in her, she was really motivated to lose the weight and rehab her shoulder.



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