Fast food Causes weight gain

Brothers Amit and Ankur found out that hard way that fast food causes weight gain but after completing our program they lost a combined total of 102 lbs!

Fast Food causes Weight Gain for 2 Brothers who then lost 102lbs!

Amit’s Before and After


Ankur and I are brothers and we love eating food. Every Friday we would have our tradition of eating out and trying new restaurants. The rest of the week we would also eat out but mainly from our normal fast food joints such as McDonald’s, Pizza Nova and Thai Express to name a few. Growing up, Ankur was always thin even though he ate like a pig. We always wondered where all that food went. Eventually the years of eating like a pig caught up with him and he blew up. I, on the other hand, was always big. Any little thing I ate, I’d gain weight. I always had to work hard. We both were very active when we were younger – my brother loved track and field and I loved playing hockey. As we got older, my brother’s physical activity started slowing down but I maintained mine by getting involved in dance. I even lost weight through dance but as I started to dance less year after year, I noticed that I started to gain my weight back. We both knew that we were fat but we just never did anything about it.

We both have important things we want in our lives. My brother is looking to get married and I am looking to find employment. With the media pumping into our brains that personal appearance is everything and fat people are portrayed as being lazy, we knew that we had to do something. It wasn’t just only for those reasons but for health reasons as well as our family has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure. We knew that if we didn’t do something now it was going to get much harder later in life. It’s better to lay the foundation of a new healthy lifestyle now than worry about it when a major health issue takes over our body. We also made a pact with our cousin to start eating healthy and exercise, which definitely got the ball rolling.

We both knew that in order to get to our goal of having that “perfect body” that we’ve always wanted, we definitely needed some help.

Ankur before photo - brother find out fast food causes weight gain

Ankur’s Before and After

We were driving to the movie theatre one day and saw the personal training sign above the entrance of Bodies by Design. We knew personal training would be a good option so we went in for a consultation. The one thing we both loved about the program is the trainers actually look after you and care about you.

They want you to succeed because if we fail, then they fail.

We love the fact that as we are doing our cardio exercises, we are also doing strength training. As we lose our weight, we are tightening up and defining our muscles. We come for training with Mat twice a week. The rest of the days, we work out by ourselves. Mat is very knowledgeable and answers any questions we ask. The weigh-ins every week are a good way to motivate us as we never want to see that scale show a higher number then the previous time.

After a year and a couple of months, we are happy to say that we have lost a combined total of 102 pounds and ­­­60 centimetres off our waists.

It took a lot of hard work but the results speak for themselves. We get compliments all the time and get asked questions on how to lose weight. The answer on how to lose weight is quite simple – you have to shut your mouth and watch what you eat. There is no special formula behind it. This is where you will notice a difference. We went from eating out at fast food places more than once a week to cooking food at home. We do still enjoy the occasional eating out but our choices are much healthier now. We look at nutritional guides before heading out to restaurants to determine what to order. We didn’t just learn about different types of exercises and what foods to eat and avoid, we learned about creating a new lifestyle and this is where the real journey begins.

Brothers find out fast food causes weight gain then lose 102 lbs! Bodies By Design

Ankur and Amit’s transformation together

Now that we have lost a total of 102 pounds and learned about creating a new lifestyle, we need to push each other to maintain this new lifestyle and never steer out of focus from it. We know what our potentials are and we know that we don’t want to return to our old selves. I would say this is what will motivate us to progress to our future fitness goals.

Words of Wisdom

Health and fitness is something that is not temporary – it’s lifetime. It is equivalent to going to work every day. It needs to be added to your routine. It’s not the food that makes you fat, it’s the choices you make that makes you fat.

Overall, we both love the program here. We want to be able to just stand anywhere we go and simply whip off our shirts because we know we can!

One more thing…we just wanted to say thank you to our trainer Mat for pushing us to achieve the results that we want!!

Amit & Ankur

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fast food causes weight gain for two brothers Amit, Ankur with trainer Mat and fitness coach Kris Simpson

The 2 Brothers, their Trainer and their Fit Guru

If find that people, including myself at times, tend to label others. It just makes life easier. You can base all of your decisions about a person based on their label and not have to work at getting to know them. The first label usually comes from the first impression and how we appear to others physically. Typically there are three labels or three sizes; skinny, average or overweight. Being overweight tends to come with stigmas like being lazy, undisciplined and careless — not typically the traits sought in a partner or an employee.

So this brings us to the story of the brothers, Amit and Ankur. One brother wanted to find a wife and the other to find a career. They felt they were being labeled as “overweight,” which was a major obstacle for them to achieve their aspirations. Rather than complaining of how they thought they were being labelled and blaming it on society, these brothers decided to take a different approach and do something that would not only transform them physically but also by how they would be labeled by others. The results were remarkable: 102 pounds of weight loss and 24 inches of waist measurement loss combined. What was even more remarkable was how people label them now. This is evident in the new conversations they are having with people who ask them questions like, “How did you do it?” and comments like, “Wow you look awesome!”

Congratulations to the brothers for joining arms and transforming their lives and to Mat, their trainer, for coaching them on how to move the heaviest of obstacles – the “overweight” label!


Inspire to Aspire,

Kris Simpson