Couple Weight Loss Program - Mabelyn and Danilo - Bodies By Design

Mabelyn and Danilo came to Bodies By Design for a Couple Weight-Loss Program after a wake up call!

Couple Weight Loss Program - Mabelyn and Danilo - Bodies By Design

Mabelyn’s Before and After


If there’s one thing that united the two of us, it was probably our love of food, though Danilo blames our fatal attraction on his “Adonis DNA.” If we honestly resembled the likes of anyone at all, I’d say the Cookie Monster or one of those Hungry, Hungry Hippos would be more accurate because we were hardcore foodies always on the hunt for new and exciting food experiences. I was even given the nickname “Bottomless Pit” since I ate too much for my own good. True story. While it seemed all good at the time, the problem was that most of these foods were: (a) processed, (b) genetically modified, (c) loaded with salt, sugar, and other obscure hieroglyphic ingredients that no ordinary human being can pronounce or (d) all of the above.


The Wake-Up Call

We thought our poor eating habits were justified, considering we both looked fit and excelled in recreational and competitive sports. But sure enough, regular physical activities were replaced completely by compulsive overeating, casual drinking, not to mention marathons of sitting on the couch playing PlayStation 3 and watching the Food Network. We just didn’t care until our laziness began taking a toll on our physical shape and overall vitality. Eventually, I started suffering from chronic back pain and Danilo fell out of playing soccer – a sport he loves possibly more than me.


Couple Weight Loss Program - Mabelyn and Danilo - Bodies By Design

Danilo’s Before and After

We decided to meet with a BBD Fitness Coach who explained that optimal physique and wellness is developed by 80% NUTRITION and 20% EXERCISE & GENETICS. Way to boost Danilo’s ego. With that in mind, he probably thought “Uh, genetics? Adonis DNA. Check!” Anyways, as crazy as it sounds, we started by eating more often (5-6 times/day), sticking only to complex carbs, lean proteins, healthy fats, and lots of water. With nutrition down packed, we began training with Mike, who tailored dynamic, high intensity circuits that consistently challenged our physical and mental limits. At first I couldn’t tell if I was dripping in sweat or tears. Nevertheless, we can’t thank Mike enough for putting up with my incessant complaining and whipping us into shape. Even though I detested and craved working out, it’s now an indispensable part of my life just like my love-hate relationship with Danilo.


The Reward

Admittedly, staying disciplined didn’t come very easy. In fact, every day was a battle between choosing what we wanted now and what we wanted most: a 6-pack of beer or a 6-pack of abs?  We had our fair share of relapses, but thanks to the expertise and genuine support from Mike and everyone at BBD, we’re now in the best shape of our lives and *drum roll* Danilo got himself back into playing competitive soccer in the Ontario Soccer League! Best of all, we were able to work at it together – mind you, feeling sexy doesn’t hurt either.


What’s Next?

There are no limits to our progress. We could always use more definition, increased strength…a tighter butt. Beast mode never sleeps! While we’re proud of the bodies we’ve earned, at the end of the day we understand this is a continuous investment in the preservation of our health that produces a ton of collateral benefits and enables all of life’s enjoyments. Seriously. Everything gets better. Many people spend so much time watching their health – we’re too busy enjoying it.


Words of Wisdom

Couple Weight Loss Program - Mabelyn and Danilo - Bodies By DesignThis isn’t a rigid lifestyle of deprivation. We still happily indulge in the occasional beer, pizza, and wings. Failure is inevitable and is as much a part of the journey as our successes, but quitting is an option – you can choose to quit or stick it out. For me, it helped to keep a fitness motivation board on Pinterest to remind myself why I started and why I keep going. The thoughts and images that fill your mind followed through with consistent action are the driving forces of what will translate into your reality. So you can sit back and rob your body of the beauty and strength of which it’s capable, or you can build the best version of you with the BBD family.



To all the amazing Personal Trainers who’ve had the chance to train Danilo and I – you’re welcome. Just kidding, it was our privilege.

Mabelyn & Danilo
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Mabelyn and Danilo Bodies By Design Client Star Profiles wth Mike BBD Trainer

Mabelyn, Danilo and Mike

When Mabelyn and Danilo came in for their first session with me, they made it clear they were looking to make changes to their lifestyle as it had slipped over the last little while. Both of them were very active and played sports growing up and never had to worry too much about the details of their diet or performance. With Mabelyn’s goal of getting back into the shape she was in and Danilo’s goal of getting back to playing competitive soccer, I knew what I had to do with them, but I related to them also as I have been in competitive soccer and knew what it took to get there and maintain that level of conditioning.

During our training I incorporated a lot of sports specific movements and kept the intensity high in order to bring back those feelings of “being out there” on the field or court and to bring back the skills that would eventually translate into better performance while playing. The mind of a competitive person never changes so no matter how much they slacked off before coming to BBD I knew their mind was set on their goal and nothing was going to stop them from achieving it. They monitored everything they ate and bought at the grocery store (with some cheat days for sanity of course) and kept pushing harder and harder during our sessions, and their effort showed not only in our weekly assessments but also in their body composition.


After seeing their results I also learned Danilo had not only tried out for an Ontario Soccer League team but that he made it. I can definitely relate to that feeling and I was happy for him. We have become closer over the last year-and-a-half and I’ve even recruited Danilo to play for my soccer team. Both he and Mabelyn have a great and positive attitude and are always trying to reach the next level. I see them succeeding in anything they want to do, whether it’s fitness related or not. I have an amazing time working with them, I am honoured to be a part of their journey and glad that I had a hand in helping them reach their goals.

Mike Lanni – Trainer Star Profile





Mabelyn and Danilo Bodies By Design Client Star Profiles with Kris Simpson

Kris Simpson with Mabelyn and Danilo

Most of our Star Profile stories are about middle-aged people so it was quite the change-up to feature two young adults who wanted a “couple weight loss program” to help them go through one of life’s first adult transitions. Mabelyn and Danilo are a couple who went through a time where social activities were in high priority and recreation and fitness activities were at the bottom of the list.

Their bodies began to show the signs of neglect, but fortunately for them there was an early wake-up call. Not all young adults have this early wake-up call and I have found that most make the next adult life transition and become married with children, then life becomes very busy and few will find time to keep their bodies as busy as their lives are.

This is why I admire Mabelyn and Danilo for reaching out for help to get back what was slipping away from them – their health and their fitness. The success that Danilo has made with his competitive soccer comeback along with Mabelyn’s newfound enthusiasm for health and fitness invigorates all those who around them. As Mabelyn said it perfectly, they are both living life to the fullest and are not stuck in a rigid lifestyle of nutrition do’s and don’ts. They are spending less time watching their health because they are too busy enjoying it!

Inspire to Aspire,

Kristopher Simpson.

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