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Christina lost 27 lbs after her wedding! This is a before and after wedding weight loss success story!!


DSC_5324I was always into keeping fit. In my 20s, life was about going out, dressing up and looking good. Once I met my now-husband, things got a little comfortable. Our schedules were complicated, which meant we had to sacrifice other things in our lives in order to spend time together. One of those things for me was going to the gym.

Since I had finally found the man I was searching for I wasn’t going out as often. We’d spend our nights in front of the TV watching a movie and binging on food like chips and unhealthy snacks.We’d order out a lot: pizza, Chinese, McDonald’s, etc. Overall I just got really lazy. Four years (and 30 pounds) later we were getting married and all I could think of was my wedding photos and how disappointed I would be looking at them in the future knowing how unhappy I was with my appearance. Wedding dress shopping is supposed to be the most exciting part and for me it was depressing.

I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and it wasn’t me. I didn’t feel like myself. It was time to make a change.

The day we got engaged was pretty much the day I decided I needed to lose weight. With all the wedding distractions, events and parties, I managed to lose a whole 6 pounds in 7 months! So not what I had originally planned. I was desperate and willing to try anything. I was almost about to sign up for a medically supervised weight loss program where they inject your body with hormones to lose weight.

Christina after wedding pic

Christina’s wedding dress is to big now!

Luckily I happened to run into a friend (Bianca D., a past Star Profile client) who had been training at BBD for some time and had lost weight and was so happy with her results and the program itself. Without hesitation I joined. Since then I haven’t looked back. It’s been just over a year that I have been training continuously 3 times a week and I can honestly say I feel like myself again.

My body has completely changed. My confidence has changed. I feel confident, I feel sexy and I feel strong! I’ve never felt so strong! And I love it.

I remember at the start I couldn’t even do one push up. I would have to take breaks after every set, and when I wasn’t breaking I was complaining about how hard everything was. Enrico (aka my Drill Sergeant) was the toughest trainer I worked with which is why I stuck with him. He didn’t take “no,” or “I can’t,” or “I’m tired” for an answer. He knew it was physically possible for me to complete the exercises and he wouldn’t let me stop until I was done … and then he’d make me do 10 more. It was the tough-love kind of approach that I needed. We now have a slogan for him – “just when you think you’re done, you’re only halfway there!” He was exactly what I needed. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.


Getting back on track with my eating habits was huge for me. BBD’s Nutrient Coaching program has been my best friend throughout this process. I didn’t realize how much I was eating until I started actually counting the calories. It was such an amazing tool to help me decide what and when to eat.

I am now more conscious about what I’m eating and I definitely don’t have those chip binges anymore. I’ve become so interested in fitness and healthy living that I’m becoming annoying to the people around me!



BBD has changed my life. It has become part of my routine, and I actually make my work schedule around my training schedule. I haven’t missed a session since I started and I don’t think I ever will. I love the atmosphere; it’s like a team. Everyone is encouraging and they all want you to succeed. Thanks to BBD I have adopted a completely new lifestyle that I never want to change. I’m me again.

The most exciting part now is that my husband and I are expecting our first baby in the spring so it looks like I’ll be starting my journey to “fit” all over again next year and I can’t wait!


– Christina C (Star Profile Client)