Angela profile-Bodies By Design Personal Training - wedding weight loss story

 Angela loses 30 pounds and 7 dress sizes in 7 months for her wedding day!

Angela profile-Bodies By Design Personal Training - wedding weight loss story

Before and After

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Before and After

Throughout my life I always struggled with my weight. But the up-and-down pattern started to go only in the up direction five years ago after I met my boyfriend. I became lazy and we always went out for dinner, including fast-food restaurants. We also ate all types of junk food. I really didn’t care because I was happy finding my true soul-mate. As a result of the poor eating habits, however, I went from a size 8 to a size 14. I also began to notice some pain in my legs and my hands. I went to my doctor and he told me my feet and legs were very swollen, saying it was related to my work (where I’m always standing up), and the pain in my hands was a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. I began to feel very depressed. I didn’t like myself, I had no energy in the morning and I was constantly upset. I thought to myself, “This is not how a 23-year-old is supposed to feel.” That was my wake-up call – I didn’t want to feel like that anymore. My boyfriend proposed to me in July 2012 but it wasn’t until January 2013 when I walked in to Bodies by Design.

I had a consultation with Kris Simpson, the owner, and I explained I was engaged and I wanted to look beautiful for my wedding day and especially for my honeymoon. I started training two times at week with Mat and Heather. They both encouraged me and taught me how to eat well, and I felt very comfortable with them.  When I first began my new fitness regime it was very hard and I couldn’t do anything well, but slowly I started to become stronger and see results after a month. It was exciting! I’ve surprised myself with how much I was able to accomplish in my short time at BBD.  My main goal and focus of this journey was to look beautiful for my wedding day and with the help of Mat and Heather and the encouragement of the entire staff at the gym, I’ve gone far beyond what I originally expected.  It hasn’t always been easy and there have definitely been a few slips we’ve had to get past.  In the end, however, the reward is simple:  I feel fantastic and my looks clearly reflect that.  When I found that perfect dress and had the original fitting with my stylist, I was size 14 and I was not happy. That dress and the August 17th deadline of my wedding night is what kept me pushing forwards with each session.  Heather and Mat always told me to think of the dress as encouragement and to remember what we were here for.  For my final fitting before the wedding, my dress had to be altered down to a size 8. Now, this healthy and active lifestyle doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.  I wake up first thing in the morning feeling full of energy and eager to start my day rather than feeling like staying in bed and sleeping for another two hours.  I’ve started going for morning runs through my neighbourhood, and although I was nervous and shy at first to go on my own, Heather persuaded me over and over not to be afraid but to just get out there and do it.  Instead of drinking 3 sugar-laden espresso’s to energize myself for the day, I run for thirty minutes.  And I actually look forward to it! I’ve already planned to bring my running shoes on my honeymoon!  I want to run along the sandy beaches in Jamaica at least a few times and hopefully get my husband to join me!  This new lifestyle has changed how I think and feel about food, nutrition and my body.  Life needs to be enjoyed and appreciated and I never realized what I was missing out on until I started exercising and feeling so much better.  My hands and feet don’t hurt anymore after a long day working at my salon and I no longer crave sweets and sugary foods.  I plan to continue working out with the wonderful staff at Bodies By Design who have helped me so much on my journey as well as on my own.  I want to keep getting stronger and feeling great! Words of Wisdom Stop waiting to go to the gym.  We always make excuses that we’ll go in later or next week.  But the best thing you can do it just stop waiting and start now.  With the help of a trainer to encourage you along the way and keep you moving forward in the right direction, there is no turning back!

Angela S.

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Mat Trainer

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Angela profile-Bodies By Design Personal Training - wedding weight loss story- with trainer Mat Chalons

Mat and Angela stike a pose

Angela profile-Bodies By Design Personal Training - wedding weight loss story- with trainer Mat Chalons

Angela wit her Bodies by Design Trainer Mat

When Angela started at Bodies by Design in January (2013), she knew that she needed to make a lifestyle change in order to lose weight. Her ultimate goal was to fit into her wedding dress and look great in her bikini on her honeymoon. When she first started, she was apprehensive to lift weights, as she feared this would make her bulky. She rarely worked out, ate out often, and did not view fitness as a priority. Angela’s transition into an active lifestyle was not difficult: she had her wedding dress as her motivation and she always came into her sessions with an eager attitude and open mind to try new things. The biggest obstacle Angela had to overcome was her eating. Monitoring her food through our nutrient coaching system was key in understanding her shortcomings and identifying areas that needed improvement. Providing Angela with basic nutrition tips made a huge difference in aiding her weight loss. A combination of cardio and strength training, eating cleaner and her determination to fit into her wedding dress have all been huge influences in her journey. Although Angela started at Bodies with the main goal of fitting into her wedding dress, she has embraced a new healthy and active lifestyle that I am confident she will continue to follow past her wedding date and honeymoon. Her cardiovascular endurance has significantly improved, she is a lot stronger and she has come to embrace the fact that lifting weights will not make her bulky, but rather give her the body she has always dreamed of.

Mat Chalons

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Angela profile-Bodies By Design Personal Training - wedding weight loss story- with trainer Heather Neary

Heather and Angela Salvatore

I had the pleasure of meeting Angela when she booked a session with me on my second day at Bodies By Design.  I think we were both a bit uneasy at first, myself because I was still getting comfortable with my new position at BBD, and Angela because it can be a bit scary and intimidating to start working with someone new.  She had already been training with Mat for a few weeks prior, but after our first session, we both immediately felt comfortable together.  It was clearly the beginning of a healthy friendship. Angela and I have been on a wonderfully successful journey together.  I was amazed at how the measurements kept getting lower and lower each time we weighed in.  She continuously pushed herself harder with each session, which in turn pushed me to write more creative and challenging programs to keep her on her toes and maintain her unstoppable motivation.  I love her positive attitude and willingness to complete each circuit with such vigor.  Angela’s constant determination is truly inspiring. Angela is now looking stunning for her August 17, 2013 wedding.  Her dress stylist is astonished at the alterations she has to keep making with each fitting Angela comes in for.  Angela loves working out now and even more, loves that at 24 years old she is smaller now than she was in high school.  During her sessions, Angela and I are always discussing different exercises she can do at home to maintain her fitness routine when she can’t make it to the gym.  She is intrigued by how the small nutritional swaps and healthy alternatives to what she was eating before can have such an impact. Congratulations with all your success at BBD Angela and all the best for your marriage!

Heather Neary

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Angela profile-Bodies By Design Personal Training - wedding weight loss story- with fit guru Kris Simpson

Angela and Kris Simpson



As trainers we sometimes have the opportunity to prepare clients for life events.  One of the most important life events for women tends to be their wedding day.   When I first met Angela she told me: “I am getting married and I want to look my absolute best for the most important day of my life” This is something I have heard too many times and unfortunately I tend to be very skeptical when a bride-to- be approaches me for a wedding weight loss program with the ultimate short term goal of fitting into her wedding dress. What I have seen in my experience as a personal trainer and a fitness coach is although these brides-to-be have the all important goal with a deadline that can’t be rescheduled… they tend to get caught up in all of the other small things that make their special day and leave their trainer high and dry! I have to admit that I was even more pessimistic  because she told me she was also a business owner and I know all too well what type of commitment and time it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.  Angela did seem to be different though and with a sparkle in her eye and some nervous energy she set out for her first workout at Bodies.  My pessimism quickly changed to certain optimism as her first 15 pounds came off and she decided to enroll in the Star Profile Challenge. Her BBD Trainers, Heather and Mat coached Angela to her ultimate goal of losing 30 pounds and down 7 dress sizes in 7 months!  And the icing on the wedding cake… she is starting this new chapter of her life looking and feeling her best so she can carry this new lifestyle into the next chapter in her life… to be continued.

Inspire to Aspire

Kristopher Simpson