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Amanda Overcame 8 years of Depression and Anxiety and Lost 45lbs!

f971c8da-1246-4f0b-b2e4-46bcfaf4a917 Growing up, I was super active. I played many sports and was pretty fit. But in 2006, I was in a really bad car accident that changed my life. My jaw snapped in half and I had 10 screws inserted into my mandible. I had two seizures while in hospital, and I also had to have 50 stitches in my leg. I fractured my lower back and sprained my left wrist, but I was lucky to survive. However, I couldn’t exercise or play any sports. I was in rehabilitation three times a week and I had a very long road ahead of me.

For the next eight years I dealt with depression and anxiety.

I couldn’t sleep or concentrate and I was always dizzy. I gained 50 pounds during this time.

When I stepped onto the scale and saw that I was close to the 200-pound mark, I knew I had to do something before things got way out of control.


When you put on 50 pounds, people start to notice and wonder what’s going on. You feel neglected, embarrassed, helpless. Almost hitting the 200-pound mark scared the crap out of me. I knew I had to change things. At first, I turned to the quick fix: a no-carb diet. I dropped 30 pounds in no time, but as soon as I got off the program, I bounced right back up. I knew that it wasn’t a good long-term solution. Then I turned to the home workouts. P90X, T-25, Insanity, Hiit-Max — you name it, I did it. It worked and I lost some weight, but I hit a plateau, and after a while, could not move past that point.

This is when I was introduced to Bodies By Design. My fiancé invited me to do a 2-on-1 session with him, and I never looked back. First I met Caroline, who introduced me to their Nutrient Coaching program. This taught me to track everything I ate — something I had never done before. It also showed me that I could balance what I ate — carbs were OK! As long as there was a balance between protein and fats, and that I chose good carbs over bad ones, I could eat. I started personal training with Nat, who taught me the importance of weight lifting. This is what got me over my plateau. Muscle burns fat. Sure, I was doing all these jumps and cardio movements with the in-home programs, but I failed to incorporate weight lifting.

On my first day I could not even curl 5-pound dumbbells or do two push ups, and I had to take breaks after every set.But now, I can lift 25-pound dumbbells and I can do the StairMaster for 45 minutes. I can also leg press 4 plates on each side and do 20 pushups.



BBD taught me about balance. I learned that I can eat a balance of carbs, fats and proteins and still lose weight. This was so exciting to me after being on a no-carb diet! I’ve learned that I can have cheat meals once every few weeks and still become more fit, because it is important to reward yourself for your progress. Depriving yourself for too long is not a long-term solution. Nat has been training me twice a week for the last six months. He is the best personal trainer that I could have ever asked for and I have a lot of laughs with him. He makes me feel very comfortable, even if I am having an off day. He never gets offended by the amount of sweat dripping off of me! (I always get teased about this). He knows when to push me and when I am at my max. Most of all, he has taught me that the determination and results lie within myself. I have never missed a training session with Nat. I have shown up with a black eye, with a fever, feeling sick to my stomach, a pulled back muscle, and even when my car broke down for a week.

He has taught me the most important lesson: A workout is better than NO workout! NO EXCUSES!

Overall, I love working out here because every time I walk into BBD, I feel like I am at home; everyone says hi to me and is very warm and welcoming.

My long-term goal is to maintain my weight while decreasing my body fat percentage. My ultimate goal is to get to 130 pounds and below 30% body fat. This is coming from hitting almost 200 pounds and having over 42% body fat.

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