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A CaroLEAN Bootcamp Woodbridge Ontario

The most INTENSE Bootcamp in Woodbridge!

A CaroLEAN is tough, strong, capable, beautiful. Someone who’s never felt more capable of achieving everything they set out for themselves.

They have the confidence NOW to do things in everyday life beyond the gym.

CaroLEAN helps push through depression and anxiety and to take those negative feelings and push through a hard workout and leave them all on the gym floor.

CaroLEAN is a happier/positive place. CaroLEAN training is tough but that’s what sets us apart, we take that challenge and conquer it every day.

Its so much more than a training program its a lifestyle, its family. I’m truly honored to be your Instructor.

A Message from the Trainer

It takes time to get from a place of zero exercise and no interest in healthy living to a new you. If you’re just starting, give it time. You won’t reach your goals in 8 or 12 weeks, but you have STARTED. That’s what matters. Be easy on yourself, but strive to be better. I think it’s great to find motivation in another person or to aspire to have a certain physique, but the real gem is finding the strength within and the beauty YOU possess. We are all working on new goals and trying to reach for something greater, but never forget where you started from, have a plan, be consistent, and change will come.



  • MONDAY 9:00 AM
  • TUESDAY 5:00 PM
  • WEDNESDAY 9:00 AM & 5:00PM
  • THURSDAY 5:00 PM
  • FRIDAY 9:00 AM
  • SUNDAY 9:00 AM

"A CaroLEAN is Tough, Strong, Capable and Beautiful"

Here's what people are saying about CaroLEAN's Bootcamp

“Great class yesterday Caroline ‎. I feel your energy and passion not to mention how your strategic methods throw a “bolt of shock” to our bodies, making every week fun, exciting and challenging, which is what I love about YOU!! Today I feel CaroLEAN all over my body, so I am always thinking of you.” – Mary B

“Caroline has a wonderful energy and encourages everyone in her class to achieve their absolute best. She has created a positive, encouraging, and fun environment. You will sweat but you will also smile!” – Italia

I took on the challenge to do Caroline’s boot camp. Wow. I thought I was relatively conditioned and fitter – I thought wrong. What a great addition to my weekly training. Caroline, you ELEVATE my mindset and make me WANT to do more and BE better. Thank you.” Mary N. 

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