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Paul advances from Strength and Endurance Workouts for Beginners to Super-Advanced workouts-He lost 30 lbs and now has more stamina and recovery for sports!


My journey to weight loss began 6 years ago, when I came to the realization that although fairly active playing golf in the summer and ball hockey through the spring fall and winter, the annual 3-5 pounds I was putting on were starting to catch up to me to the point where

my weight had ballooned to 250+ pounds and the excess weight was putting unbearable stress on my body to the point where it was difficult to get through the day to day without pain let alone playing sports.

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I decided that I could not continue down this path and made changes to my diet that helped me lose 35 pounds. To my surprise although I did manage to lose the weight I still had no stamina and worst of all my body would take days to recover after any physical activity. As a result of the ongoing pain I mentioned to my wife Mary that maybe the day had come for me to “quit” playing ball hockey, was the day my life would change. She tried to convince me to meet with Kris Simpson at Bodies by Design, who had been at Bodies by Design for over a year and continually reminded me how they changed her life would do the same for me.

I mentioned to her that I am not the “gym” type of guy and didn’t know what to expect. Did I mention my wife never listens to me?

She went ahead anyway and booked an appointment for me to meet with Kris.

I came to BBD at 215 pounds, and I thought the workouts would be a breeze. After all, I play ball hockey three times a week, how hard could it be? My first workout with my personal trainer Nat actually showed me how wrong I was; thinking that playing ball hockey, at what I thought was a pretty good pace did not even come close to being encouraged to push your body a little further during each workout.

My trainer, Nat, focused on building strength and endurance, and these two ingredients not only helped with stamina and recovery, but helped me lose 30 pounds.

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Getting the gentle push from my wife and meeting with Kris on that day in October and working with my trainer Nat changed my life, as that was the start of my realization that if I expected my body to deliver when I needed it to, I had to ensure that I was giving back to it, by staying in the best shape possible with regular exercise and training, along with the proper dieting..

My total weight loss was 30 pounds, and shed 6 inches from my waist, and however the most important reward for me has been the realization that if I expected my body to deliver when I needed it to, I had to ensure that I was giving back, by staying in the best shape possible with regular exercise and training, along with the proper dieting.

The WOW moment for me when I understood that having a healthy body is the key to having a healthy mind.

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I also have noticed that this has not only impacted my fitness but has had an impact on my everyday life as I feel I am more confident in my own skin and also had an impact on the two most important people in my life allowing me to be a better husband and father.

I will continue keeping my body in the best shape possible so I can continue to be active in the sports I enjoy.

Ultimately  I started this journey as I wasn’t happy with what a saw when I looked in the mirror so my short and long term goals are to continue this journey and maintain a healthy diet and a fit lifestyle so that I can be a role model for my young son.

Words of Wisdom   

If you look in mirror and you don’t like what you see or you enjoy playing sports and your body just can’t deliver what you expect, then there is no time like the present to start your journey to a healthier, fitter and stronger you. The best advice I can provide is that you do need a strong supporting cast and for me it was not only my Family but also the support I have received from the team at BBD.

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Thank you Kris and Nat and the rest of the team at BBD.

Paul B.

Client Star Profile

Paul B.


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Click to see Nat’s story




After about a year of trying to convince Paul that he needed to start a resistance training program and follow a better diet, his wife Mary, who is a former Client Star Profile managed to drag Paul into Bodies By Design for a consultation.  After his first session, I think Paul was hooked.  He was sore in places he’s never felt sore before!!  Paul has played ball hockey for most of his life so his endurance was above average but when it came to pumping some iron, he lacked the strength. This effected his stamina and recovery and he was underperforming.

nat and paul

Paul continued with the BBD Program and after only a few weeks, we both saw the pounds start to melt away and his strength increase significantly.  It’s almost like someone lit a firecracker underneath his ass and there was no stopping him!!

Paul is a different animal now, he’s has dropped 30 pounds following the BBD Program.  He is in better shape and has more strength then most of my clients that are half his age. Paul is what I like to call a “lifer” and will continue to maintain and succeed on whatever he puts his mind to!!

Nat Augurusa
Personal Trainer




I think everyone has their reason to wish for a transformation. Many of our clients wish to transform their health and fitness because they want to feel and look better. Others because they have some health or injury issues that need to be finally attended to. Some want to relive their youth and play sports again or participate in recreation. Sometimes it’s because they want to set a good example for their children or perhaps generate some fresh sparks in their romantic relationship.

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What is unique about Paul’s Star Profile story is that he accomplished all of the above and more. He’s a new and improved person from the inside and out. In my opinion, the most noticeable and remarkable change in Paul, is his presence. Not just in the way his looks have changed, but also in his attitude and the way that he carries himself. He just has a more intense aura because he is showing up 100% in his life in all aspects; family, marriage, recreation and sports, and his career.

He has taken his life back and I have a lot of respect for his patience and persistence while he worked through this journey. We are also honored that we were along for the ride – acting as his guides to finding that new person … that was already inside of him.

Inspire to Aspire,

Kris Simpson.